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07-11-2018, 07:46 AM
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I've put together a few TBC-less workflows, using an ES10 as a stand-in. Though not ideal, it will work. With TBCs getting so rare now, this is becoming the only viable option for hardware to transfer your analog tapes.

The "kit" includes:
- recommended JVC S-VHS with internal line TBC
- Panasonic ES10 for TBC(ish) passthrough
- ATI 600 USB card

- 3 @ $625 + shipping

These have been thoroughly tested, cleaned, VCRs refurb'd/serviced where needed, then the workflow re-tested. Remember, my tests are not silly "it played a tape" or "it powers on" type nonsense you find on eBay/etc. I look for flaws. On the VCRs, I test for color, timing, the transport, alignment, audio, etc. This is equipment that met my stringent expectations. Most of the gear is in cosmetically flawless condition, excellent at worst.

PM if interested.

Usage notes fir this workflow:

The JVC TBC can be on or off, for this particular setup. For most workflows, JVC TBC needs to be on as much as possible. The ES10 TBC(ish) acts as line with frame sync. When JVC TBC on, ES10 line functions not used. When JVC off, ES10 line used instead. The reason for the JVC, at this point, is for superior transport compared to other VCRs (excluding better, but more expensive, Panasonic S-VHS decks).

This will not work for retail tapes, as most have an anti-copy (usually Macrovision) on the tape. A true TBC is required to truly cleanse a tape of these artificial errors. The ES10 is not strong enough, not a true TBC. Some non-retail tapes may also be flagged as copy protected, because again anti-copy is an artificial error, and sometimes legit errors can be mistaken for the false ones, as detected by the hardware (both ES10 and capture card).

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