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lordsmurf 07-12-2018 08:27 AM

For sale: DataVideo DVK-100 TBC [SOLD]
Updated: Sold!

If you have excellent quality sources, this is what you want.
Or if used in conjunction with an ES10/15 for passthrough, this is what you want.
PM if interested.

But please be aware of what this item is, and can and cannot do. :old:

This unit was recently discussed here:, and it behaves almost exactly as I expected. It is not actually a TBC, but a chroma key box with added TBC functionality based on the DataVideo TBC-5000. In fact, it's supposed to be used in tandem with a 5000. It does not behave anything like a DataVideo TBC of yore, the 100/1000/3000/etc units.

Used alone, it is a weak TBC, weaker than other suggested TBCs. It is not suggested for using alone, and can eve degrade the video signal.

But when used with a Panasonic ES10 or ES15 for passthrough, it works quite nicely. These are complementary units. You get the TBC(ish) line/sync performance from the Panasonic, and then the DataVideo corrects whatever the Panasonic does not correct. For example, defeating copy protection (aka an artificial video error).

lordsmurf 07-15-2018 01:04 PM

Re-tested item, updated post. :congrats:

PeterMech 07-17-2018 10:25 AM

Works also great for Hi8.
Can confirm a DVK-100 works great for Hi8 captures with ATI 600 USB or AVerMedia CE310B cards and using VirtualDub: without it frames will be dropped and inserted, esspecially at the start and end of separated clips. Including it results in zero frames dropped/inserted. With my (untrained) eye I do not see any difference in picture quality between using the DVK-100 or not.

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