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12-01-2018, 02:37 PM
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I have a TBC-1000 which has been giving me fits since I obtained it. At first it wasn't working at all; then it started working when warmed up, then it started...well, see attachments.

I had an earlier problem with a JVC VCR which was doing the "LOADING" bit. When self-repair of that problem proved to be beyond my capabilities I took it to Bammel TV, one of the few remaining shops in town which works on equipment of that vintage, and they fixed it right up (for $225...ouch!).

So I thought I'd have them take a look at the TBC. Frankly, they weren't familiar with it, but after begging and pleading with DataVideo I finally persuaded them to release enough info for Bammel to troubleshoot it. They determined that a processor IC on my VP-301E board is bad; that's good. Unfortunately, according to them, the board was assembled by machine in such a way that the IC can't be unsoldered and removed without destroying the board. That's very bad.

So, long story short, I want to see if any of you have a parts-only TBC-1000 laying around which might have a salvageable VP-301E board in it. I'm going to try to wheedle DataVideo again, but I'm not expecting much help; they say these units are well past end of life and they don't work on them any more...although they might have a couple of TBC-5000s around that I could buy...(I know, I know, Lordsmurf has emphasized that the -5000 is not suitable for legacy VHS video work. Sigh.).

The price I'm willing to pay varies with the provenance of the board. If you have one which you are sure is good and you're willing to take it back if it doesn't work I could go as high as $150. If it's a junk unit which has been on your bench for five years sold as-is, maybe $35-50. PM me if you have a possible candidate.

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