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02-05-2019, 03:04 AM
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Hey folks,

Looking for a JVC SR-VS30U VCR. About to start a massive project that will include VHS and Mini-DV. Have the workflow down. Just need the deck. If anyone as one they'd be willing to part with, drop me a message. Thanks!

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02-05-2019, 03:23 AM
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You need to list a price willing to pay.
It's in the marketplace rules: Rules for Selling Video/Photo/Audio Gear in the Marketplace

At any rate, if you're getting this for DV, don't do it. Remember, you've been warned! JVC players eat DV tapes. The design of JVC DV players was horrible, and it is extremely likely that it will screw up at least one of your tapes. Probably more. Great VHS player, terrible DV player. If you get it, just get it for the VCR, ignore the DV. Most DV cameras are superb DV players, no reason to seek a so-called "professional" DV playback system. Unlike VHS, DV is DV.

The main draw for this deck was editing DV onto S-VHS, which often did not have a significant quality loss in the analog era of the early 2000s. And also to interact with a DV camera for DV>DV editing/dubbing. Like most other JVC firewire, it didn't really connect to computers.

FYI, the Amazon reviews are mostly wrong (mostly left in recent years, meaning the quality issues are more a statement about the user goods seller, and the lousy condition of their particular deck) -- except for the DV playback aspect. The DV playback failing, eating tapes, and not connecting to computers is entirely accurate.

If you still want one of these, PM me, I can acquire one. I know who has some extras.

Again, excellent VCR, worthless DV.

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