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deter 04-19-2019 02:46 AM

FS: Custom rebuilt AG-1980s
Have had a lot of requests to re-build people's AG-1980's or if they could purchase them from me over the last 6 months. It is getting harder to do these machines. My eyes are not as good as they used to be. Plus you need to have good hands cause you are dealing with small parts. It is easy to mess up and burn a hole in the board. It is easy to mess up all the other electronics when you start messing with the internal workings of the machine. In other words it is pretty easy to permanently wreck one of these units.

Sadly over time all these units go bad. I don't have to write out all the problems. They just didn't last cause the capacitors and resistors. Sadly you have no easy fix the units need to be rebuilt.

What I have done is fully rebuilt a few of these units. That is the boards, the video card and the power supply. All the loading gears, video heads and all the other mechanics are also perfect.

What you are getting here is a really good VCR, that is going to run for a really long time. Used really good capacitors on these decks and replaced every single one of them. Than as stated rebuilt the video card.

You will not find a better quality VCR on the market.

Do to time, labor and everything else, can't do custom repairs anymore. I actually had to send a guy back his VCR's cause he was complaining after 5 months I couldn't complete his work. This batch took me 6 or 7 months to put together.

The costs have more than doubled and it takes longer to repair them.

If you are in to VHS to digital or you want the best VCR for VHS that money can buy this is for you. If the price is too high and you think you can get the same machine for cheaper than have at it. It is just that I can't repair them for you.

Flat rate $1,200 free shipping, USA only.

All transaction are done via paypal.

deter 05-03-2019 07:06 PM

Just letting people know, cause I have two of these units, these are the BEST VCR's as far as picture and sound. You will not find anything better anywhere. For some reason on these two units, you have very little chroma bleeding. Was watching a few movies on one of the units last night, I thought I was watching DVD's. These are the mac-daddy AG-1980p's. If you are in to video transfer, this is the home run.

corwynofamber 05-19-2019 08:30 AM

Are you still doing repairs/refurbs on the AG-1980 or just buying and reselling? I have a unit that I got at goodwill some years back that I have been using to do tape transfers. It appears it might have been used in a professional setting, it was (and still is) in a rack mount.

While it is working, it would be a good thing to have it refurbed.

deter 05-19-2019 11:47 PM

It is a good unit to fix any unit is a good unit to fix, I just can't do these anymore cause it takes to long and the costs on my end have doubled and tripled. If I have an extra rebuilt unit in the shop I will list it. Right now I have one unit left and may get another unit complete in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

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