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05-06-2020, 07:18 PM
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Hi guys, apologies if this has been asked before, but I'm trying to get some updated information and discussion on Blu Ray disc integrity, as far as brands and disc manufacturing codes to look out for. Google has bought up several matches, but it seems many of these threads are like ten to fifteen years old. As one can appreciate, there has been a lot of company buy-outs and consolidations, like a recent thread has noted on this forum. My gut did sink when seeing CMC buying Verbatim's disc devision, though saying that I still have a number of CMC manufactured TDK which are still doing fine on retrieval.

Verbatim sold to CMC?

What has motivated me asking is that mainly use Verbatim 25Gig Blu Rays for archiving, and use Ritek for regular backing up, I emphasise difference between archiving and backing up. I also use hard-drives, but find Blu Ray media (WORM storage) to be peace of mind when a ransomware virus is sweeping the world, I think many folk who push the hard-drive wagon somehow underestimate the potential harm from such a reality, hense why I feel good that most of my data from the last 30 years is now on optical media; mainly verbatim and old school TDK (before imation). Not saying Hard Drive is bad, but should be used with caution, and as PART of a total backup solution.

Of late however, my regular Sydney supplier of Ritek has dried up, and now looking at other places for sourcing media. I believe that Ritek is using Fuji dye technology (though how true this still is, I don't know), so the pressing questions of genuine and counterfeit are at the forefront when using a new supplyer.

So my question is, how reliable is BetaMedia in Epping Victoria?


And does anyone know any further info on Verbatim's Vinpower Blu Rays? I've never seen them before, and suddenly popped up on the BetaMedia Ebay store.


There was one review from about ten years ago where the user tested them, and errors highly resulted toward end of burns.


I kind of cleaned out Amazon a few years ago of the last Japanese made Blu Ray media (most probably some of it still manufactured by Taiyo Yuden, but I'm wanting to preserve that for archiving, want to keep using Ritek for medium term backing up, as they seem to be the best bang for buck.
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05-28-2020, 05:36 AM
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BetaMedia is one of the best ones that still produce BluRay.
And they sell pretty fast in Epping Victoria.
You could get them at any digital gadget shop in Epping.
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