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03-26-2009, 04:35 PM
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Over the years, I prefer buying Verbatim DVD-R media for archival recording.

After checking some Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 2x, I am getting confused with Verbatim brand. I found some blank DVD media left from two batches bought in 2003 having ID e.g. RITEKG03 or CMCMAG. I used to buy media with shiny silver top (to be marked with Sharpie marker only.)

Now, I decided to move to printable Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB DataLifePlus 8X - white hub inkjet printable (to create DVDs for my child favorite kids' shows), and I already ordered 100-PK from Meritline - a product number: 94854.
I decided for 8x speed media mostly due to compatilibity with my Panasonic standalone DVD recorder DMR-E80 (I still have there valuable recording and even if there is a firmware available to support higher recording speed, I do not want to apply it before making DVDs/backups first; something unpredicted could always happen.)
1. Does anyone ever have a chance to test these media/check ID on them?
2. Are they suitable for archival needs?

I also checked "Printable Suurface Reference Guide" from www.verbatim.com, and the table shows DataLifePlus DVD-R and "non-DataLifePlus" in the selection of media.

Based on my observance online and in store, in retail stores (OfficeMax, ...) there are usually 50-pack or 100-pack Verbatim DVD-R in blue/orange shiny plastic shrink-wrap. On the contrary, almost all inkjet printable Verbatim DVD-R DatalifePlus media (for some reason, available exclusively online) in 50-pack packaged in a cake box with very simple white sticker on the cake box (even Verbatim website shows them that way, so they should be authentic.)

I am getting really confused with Verbatim media, especially with two different packaging available on the market - nice plastic wrap compare to a simple sticker. I know that packaging should mean nothing, but when you see something with a sticker it makes you wonder. That's why I am still hesitant to but Taiyo Yuden media - just shrinkwrapped in 100-pack and higher bulk (after reading some recent negative review online.) And I am not sure whether my Panasonic and Pioneer standalone dvd recorders would "like" them either (even Panasonic dvd recorders were not picky at all in last 6 years - I "feed" them with high quality DVD media for my archival needs - Verbatim, TDK, or any other media for "give-away" purposes - Maxell, Imation, Sony, GQ, Fujifilm, Ritek, even BeAll.)

1. Is there really any special difference between Verbatim packages in shiny blue/orange plastic cover compare to clear cake box with a simple white sticker saying that it is DataLifePlus- both versions with hub injekt printable DVD-R (8x or 16x speed.)

2. Are "DataLifePlus" Verbatim DVD-R / DVD+R better than "non-DataLifePlus" Verbatim DVD-R / DVD+R? Is there any difference in quality, performance, archival grade, etc.?

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03-27-2009, 06:31 AM
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In terms of quality or manufacture, no, there is no different based on packaging. At most, the packaging sometimes reveals which exact plant the discs came from, but that information is not important, as all MCC discs are created the same way, regardless of location.

The current packaging is blue/orange shrinkwrap for DVD-R, or blue/purple shrinkwrap for DVD+R. The previous packaging, sometimes still found in stores, is blue/white for DVD-R or purple/white for DVD+R paper labels, with a clear shrinkwrap. The inkjet media sold online is often labeled by a Verbatim sticker, with clear shrinkwrap on the spindle.

Years ago, yes, Verbatim did dabble in using third-party media for its latter 2x line, such as CMC, and they paid for it dearly with a loss of respect and trust by high-end users, who often buy discs in far greater numbers. Many folks bailed out to Maxell, TDK and Taiyo Yuden, who at the time each manufactured their own excellent media. (This is no longer the case for TDK or Maxell, who now use outsourced/re-branded media from CMC and/or Ritek.) Within a year, they cleaned up that mistake, and instead of outsourcing/re-branding discs, Mitsubishi/Verbatim(MCC) relied on third-party manufacturers to produce their media. CMC, Prodisc and Moser Baer are used in this manner, producing MCC discs to MCC specs, using MCC supplies and overseen by MCC employees.

Those older RITEKG03 might be okay, but I would honestly just throw the unused CMC discs in the trash, and move on. Get some 1x-16x DVD-R Verbatim currently sold in stores, and use those. Maybe keep non-good discs for a throw-away/give-away purpose, as you said, and use archivals for yourself.


Long, long ago (5-6 years ago and more), yes, the Plus and non-Plus made a difference. Plus was MCC media, while non-Plus wasn't necessarily MCC, stocking lower-grade discs such as CMCMAG and RITEKG03.

Thes days, that piece of sub-branding doesn't really mean anything to consumers of discs. Sony has something similar, the "Accu" name. Most media has a sub-brand name, if you look close enough. Taiyo Yuden has Professional, Premium and Value Line, but all of the discs are excellent.

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05-18-2009, 10:18 PM
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I have been using Verbatim 94854's for about a year now. I have had no problems with these. Very consistent burns @ 6x for me. I sacrifice burn time for better quality.
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