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justfax 05-20-2009 07:45 AM

Pixellating and freezing DVD - Media Quality problem ?
Article@ that reviews dvd-r media, doesn't work for me. Using dvd indentifer, excellent codes Verbatim dvd-r MCC03RG20 and TDK dvd-r MCC03RG20 did not do a good job on my stand alone dvd players. There was pixalating and freezing. They were burnt at 2x. Memorex with code RITEKF1 was also very poor. Achieved good results from these two, hp dvd-r CMCMAGAM3 and Maxell dvd-r RITEKF1. So far, the manufactures didn't matter. Perhaps just a coincidence, the 2 brands that worked well had a different color coating HP (red) and Maxell (gold) .

admin 05-20-2009 04:07 PM

Hi welcome to the site, thanks for the post. Let's see about getting you some help...

The bigger reason for failure here is likely a mix of drive age (and firmware), mixed with the 2x burn speed. There may be some other issues, but let's deal with these first.

Is there a reason that you want or need to burn at only 2x? In all likelihood, that is the root of your problems.

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