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cheezy102 05-02-2010 12:37 PM

Where can I find a BD-R media guide?
Can anyone pint me to a guide to BD-R media? Any help is greatly appreciated

admin 05-03-2010 07:44 AM

Not yet. Ours is still in the works. The problem with media guides is you need to burn a few thousand discs from each ID, over a period of time, to have usable results to analyze. That costs funds, and takes time. Anybody using less discs is just making a random guess, as happens too often in many user forums.

"I've burned 3 of each kind, and this one is best!" = an example of an entirely worthless review. Honestly, that could have been "300 of each kind", and results would still have a huge margin of error.

However, I will say this: You can extrapolate data from the DVD media guide. CD media is almost identical to the DVD media, in terms of the best discs. This is no surprise, as the best discs are simply from manufacturers that take care and invest in the product. Blu-ray media isn't much different, from initial findings.

Verbatim Mitsubishi media, for example, will likely come out as the best discs, followed by TDK Blu-ray and Taiyo Yuden. Anything from CMC, UmeDisc or Ritek, however, will probably score pretty mediocre/low. There's a few wildcards out there, from Sony and Panasonic(MEI).

You can find a list of available IDs at the official Blu-ray site:

I'm not yet sure if there are fake/"unofficial" knock off BD-R's out there right now. Fake Blu-ray discs are probably inevitable, like fake media ID DVD-R was.

Will attach some images in next post...

admin 05-03-2010 07:56 AM

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Current lists from their site as of 5/3/2010.

Note that Daxon is no longer producing media, so I'm not sure if all those discs in the list were ever produced for sale, or if it was just approved from sample media. I've not seen any Daxon BD-R to date. That may hold true of a number of discs listed here.

I'd just buy some Verbatim, if I were you! :)

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