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via Email or PM 06-21-2010 11:15 PM

How do i know which are the MCC brand when i go to a retail store, or do i need to post question in forum?

admin 06-22-2010 04:56 AM

Which Verbatim brand DVDs should I get at a retail store? Which are MCC?
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You're not going to like the answer, I'm afraid! :(

Most retail stores known to carry the Verbatim brand -- OfficeMax, Best Buy, Fry\'s -- seem to be carrying the new non-MCC Verbatim-branded "Life Series" and/or "Value Series" discs.

Even some online retailers, like Newegg and Tigerdirect, are stocking these discs.

So in a way, Verbatim/MCC is disappearing from retail! What we are likely to be left with is the non-MCC cheap in stores, and the true Mitsubishi MCC discs only available under a more elite or "Professional" type series.

Note that MCC media is almost always called "DataLife" or "DataLifePlus" somewhere on the label --- although that\'s not necessarily true on some of the now-disappearing packages. It\'s confirmed not to be on my ten 100-packs of MCC DVD+R and DVD-R blank discs. My spindles, however, do have the AZO logo that you\'d find missing on Life Series and Value Series packs.

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You want to find these:

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You don't want these:

(Life Series)
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(Value Series)
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I highly suggest buying the Verbatim discs listed here:
Those links are for Amazon, Supermediastore and Meritline, and will always be the best price online (or in stores).

And then I wish you well on all your burning endeavors. Thanks! :)

admin 12-16-2010 03:46 PM

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