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Elephants_Never_Forget 05-25-2011 05:22 PM

Blank Blu-Ray media recommendations
Looking for general recommendations.

For Verbatim are your experiences good? Do I need to look out for media manufactured in a specific place like for their DVD's?


admin 05-25-2011 07:48 PM

In general, it's identical to DVD media. Or more specifically, to DVD+R DL media --- Use Verbatim, and only Verbatim.

The LTH discs (low-to-high) sub-format Blu-ray recordable discs can vary in quality, based on your BD-R burner. Those discs came later to market, having found a way to be produced with organic dyes and materials similar to DVD. You really need a newer burner (say mid 2010 or later?), and with recent firmware.

The "regular" non-LTH BD-R discs work fine in pretty much any burner. But again, newer burners may be a little better than the earlier generation ones.

As expected, Amazon seems to have the best prices on Verbatim Blu-ray blank discs:
In USA, you can also look at pricing from and However, as much as I really like those online stores for CD and DVD blank media, I don't find their Blu-ray blank discs prices to be very cheap or competitive, as compared to Amazon. Maybe on the odd blank Blu-ray sale will you get really low prices for blank BD-R (or BD-RE). To an even lesser degree, carries some Verbatim BD-R. carries inkjet versions, though at a much higher cost than simple branded BD-R.

That's my advice to you, for buying the best blank BD-R, which will give your the fewest coasters and lowest number of blank Blu-ray burning problems.

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