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admin 08-15-2011 10:08 AM

Are these Verbatim discs the good ones? (Good prices for blank DVDs!)

Originally Posted by Winsordawson
Hi Admin,
Are these Verbatim disks the good ones? When I saw the good price I was thinking the link could be posted here.

Note: Remember to ask media-related questions on the forum. Thanks. :thumb:

Yes, the photo of the orange/blue package (I've swiped the image, and it's attached inline below) is for the "good Verbatim" discs. These are standard Mitsubishi AZO media. Notice the AZO logo. This particular package is for DVD-R, as the DVD+R are purple/blue packaging. The "bad Verbatim" discs, made by CMC or Ritek, are sold under the Value Series or Life Series brands -- no AZO logo.

We've largely been sidetracked on projects, as well as the new main site, so replies have been slow for the past 8 or so days. I must've missed when Apple had a good price? What I see now is a 50-pack for $20, plus shipping, which is basically awful. Amazon has 100-packs of good Verbatim media for $21.50 right now (always ranges from $20-25 on average, and anything under $26 is a good price).

DVD-R 100-pack $21.49 @ Amazon:
DVD+R 100-pack $21.99 @ Amazon:

Also, there's no harm in posting links here. Legitimate posts that need/want to discuss items for sale on other sites are never unwelcomed. It helps to enrich the site, making it that much more of an FAQ for the world. The links we don't want are spam, or something posted for disingenuous reasons. On the small chance we have an affiliate relationship to the link (assuming it's to a store), we'll change it so that we get credit for purchases. (And yes, that means anybody else trying to sneak in their affiliate links will have done so in vain, as they'll be replaced by ours.)

Thanks. :thumb:

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