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07-30-2019, 05:19 PM
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...he is definitely paranoid and obsessed with preserving this precious videos and data...
Among brands of discs produced using the same technologies/dyes/etc. the difference is in quality control. Poor quality control means a higher percentage of marginal and bad discs and burns.

Like the batch of innovera branded discs i was required to use. The first (inner) 90+ percent of the discs that failed burned well - no read errors. The errors/problem was at the outer edge of the disc - apparently poor dye distribution/coverage on the disc. That is a quality control issue.

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07-30-2019, 09:00 PM
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I highly recommend everyone at least look over ... past threads as ... has been asked in some form in another thread before.

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07-30-2019, 11:57 PM
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@dpalomaki, @lingyi:

gamemaniaco is a fellow member here (for now), and surely reading these posts. I've never liked it when members at other forums negatively comment on a another member in public view, and don't want that to happen on this site.

Nor belittle a person for asking questions, regardless of whether some consider it "stupid question". You can still answer questions you feel are stupid without berating a person. I do it all the time. Teachers/professors do this every day, and most educators rightfully take the stance that "there is no such thing as a stupid question". Stupid answers, stupid opinions, sure. But not questions.

Or just not answer at all, and instead participate in another thread you find more interesting.


I think all internet users are lonely in some way. When it comes to certain topics, things we want to talk about, offline human contact isn't always possible. I know that's the case for me. If I want to talk about gardening or cooking, I can have great offline discussions with friends and family. If I want to talk about the finer points of optical media longevity, I'd be talking to myself.

Originally Posted by gamemaniaco View Post
Is the ziplock and silica gel bag good or bad for conserving dvd media? i keep the dvd media inside ziplock with silica gel 1 week ago and the silica is still a little blue, i can't guarantee if the ziplock bag has any holes so i asked if the zip bag contains any holes moisture condensation will occur inside the zip bag?
This is your thread, so you're getting the final answer here...


A Ziplock (zippered plastic bag) will ~99% keep out the external environment, and for moisture that 1% is handled by silica until it's oversaturated and cannot absorb more. How quick that absorption happens is an unknown variable based on your local environmental conditions.

That said, any decent container will probably do the same. The main issue with any container will be off-gassing, including zipper baggies.

Personally, I think most of this is an exercise in futility, a somewhat overzealous reaction to learning about disc degradation. Simply keep the discs stored well, out of light, as cool as possible, limiting moisture as much as is realistically possible. You have many choices in how your containerize the discs, be it plastic baggies or tupperware or whatever, but silica is a good extra addition. Can't hurt.

Remember that you've only addressed moisture. You still have heat to worry about.

This thread is done.

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