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04-05-2022, 12:50 PM
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Could not believe my eyes when I saw this. Anyone remember when Kodak was a reputable company?


KODAK - no IEEE1394, or FireWire, or i.LINK.PNG

Technically there were a few MiniDV camcorders that could output full-quality DV25 via USB, but trying to get that old software to work on modern PCs must be a nightmare even if you happen to have one of those models.

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04-05-2022, 04:29 PM
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I worked as a contractor for Kodak for a few years doing some process instrumentation on the film/wet paper manufacturing lines around 2012-2014, give or take a year. It wouldn't surprise me given what that once-great company had become. It was practically over by the time I started working with them, but they did keep some barebones UK manufacturing of Kodak products. Those in the north of the smoke will know the site of which I speak.

The only dark process I've ever worked with professionally, although I was practically outdoors for the vast majority of my time there, often subterranean too!

As a film photographer, having a Kodak staff ID card in my collection of ephemera is quite cool.

Kodak essentially exist only as a name, various bits of it were cleaved off by various companies for various uses so although it's a tragedy to see the Kodak name attached to drivel, it's not the 'actual' Kodak of yesteryear.

That said, I've no real affection for Kodak film, I don't dislike it, but I've rarely been blown away by any extant Kodak film.
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