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admin 04-13-2010 04:35 PM

Debunking Media Myths, Misinformation & Propaganda - Forum Rules
This forum is being set up for a very specific purpose:
  • To debunk myths found on other sites, as well as in magazines
  • To sort out and clarify misinformation found on other sites and in magazines
  • To expose propaganda found on other sites
  • To shame those sites that are confusing unwitting researchers, amateurs, hobbyists and even professionals!

Members are welcome to ask questions.
We'll help you sort out the truth from the crap.

Information found in this forum should be backed up with some degree of verifiable information (links, scans to articles, etc) OR an obvious command of the subject. In most cases, both would be preferable.

Any disagreements between members, sites, or other parties should be hashed out in a rational manner. Threats, vulgarity and direct rudeness will not be tolerated. We firmly realize that topics of this nature can get heated, so the information and facts (or lack thereof, should that be the case) should be allowed to speak for themselves.

Most importantly, "because I said so" won't work any better now than when we were children. That's not an answer.

For various reasons, know that all posts in this forum should be considered opinions, but the information provided herein is a good-faith attempt to inform readers of possible unreliable information that can be found online or even in print. It is up to readers to make their own judgments.

Hopefully this has clarified the purpose of this forum, and laid down some ground rules. :)

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