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04-08-2021, 04:38 AM
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Hello !

May be late but ...the time has come for me to join this wonderful forum !
I got a lot of information. I feel that a slight nostalgia overcame me.
But at the same time ..I am terrified !


After about 15 years, may be more, I rediscovered the archiving of VHS tapes on digital media. I did this for personal purposes many years ago. Now, however, my very good relatives have asked me if I can digitize their available recordings.The cassetes are not many , about 20, but I made the commitment and I do not want to expose myself.
Ok, It turned out to be not an easy task. Everything I had at the time was a tuner conexant and everything else was forgotten and thrown long ago in the trash. And I also had a ospray card, from the expensive ones ... anyway. I had to find everything again, but today ... and in Bulgaria - it's quite difficult.

Initially I bought 2-3 garbage recorders, so, trust me, they don't have s-video out, no time base correction. Cheap, but also full garbage ! Akai , JVC, Panasonic, but as I said, from the most nasty series. I found a very cheap capture card saa7131. Yes, it's not ati 600, but it's not bad. The tragedy was more with finding a healthy and high quality recorder / player..in good condition !
For a whole month now I've been trying to do something and the result - almost none - disaster ! But....

Today I'm in seventh heaven, for now just as an expectation and feelings only ... tomorrow I'm waiting to be delivered JVC HR-S9850EU.Very hard i found it.For the price - do not ask , please The seller said that it is almost not used. He send me a pictures - all ok in first look. Yes - it sounds too good to be true , but is a hope , especially in my case.
if everything is OK with the recorder - I will have a pleasant activity and a good implementation of the commitment to my relatives!

So ... и will come back later to share the results !

Again, thanks to all for thousands of posts and shared information !
Before I came here, I hadn't even heard of TBC..etc...

And sorry for my bad english !
If the place of my thoughts is not for here - move the post where it should be .
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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04-10-2021, 06:39 PM
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Glad to read the forum has helped you -- and saved your VHS quality! That VCR is a perfect step in the right direction. Next on the list is some sort of external frame TBC (ideally), and a quality capture card (or DVD recorder).

I'm not fond of SAA cards at all, but you can always try it.

And your English is fine.

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