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RobustReviews 09-01-2021 05:21 AM

Random acts of British telly
Much like the other thread on here - I'll dump some retro UK adverts on here for anybody interested.

Taken from a Video2000 cassette.

Firstly, these were taken out of "Flashdance" shown on Thames (the days of 4 channel UK TV) in 1987, I've left the first crash-edit on as, well, Brits will probably smile but I won't explain Robert Kilroy Silk (MP) and his descent into infamy. There's a bit of Madonna I did mean to trim off, then a "blink and you'll miss it" EastEnders end card, Kilroy, then boom we leave 'Auntie' and move across to the 3rd channel, they have adverts you see.

Few of these are quite dull, but if you want the more interesting bits:

2:47 - The late and much-missed Geoffrey Palmer encourages lamb consumption, in Britbong English 'grill' means to 'broil' in US English - I believe if that causes any confusion.

4:51 - A delicious (and I imagine Stateside made) advert for Levi 501s, apologies for the tape damage, the lady faintly reminding me of the first Mrs. RR.

5:48 - TEXAS! A massive UK chain that died in the 1990s I think, this is just before the 'Big Tom' advert era I think. The actual 'Voice of God' and our most beloved authoritive voice of his generation the late Patrick Allen provides a quick VO. Not only was Mr. Allen the 'Voice of God' and known for voicing just about every important television spot of the 70s/80s/90s but he would have also been the 'Voice of the Apolcolyse', the man who's mellifluous voice would have announced Britain was under nuclear attack.

6:41 - Anton Rodgers, the contender for Mr Allen's place as the greatest 80s advert voiceover artist then appears.

8:14 - A very famous UK advert for condoms, this was around the time of our horrendous AIDS PIF (PSA for North Americans) - this is more playful though - I think we've all suffered that embarrassment in your youth.

That's all for today:

Here's the video. I'll keep adding these if there's any interest.


Hushpower 09-01-2021 07:49 AM

Good one, RR. Our Ozzie lamb ads put Geoffrey's to shame! :D

RobustReviews 09-01-2021 11:46 AM

I'm sure they did! All very understated and 'British'!

I've got potentially thousands of hours of this stuff sitting here, also various off-airs and transmission records from UK TV 80s and 90s so if anybody is looking for anything please do make it known and I'll keep an eye out.

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