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RobustReviews 09-03-2021 08:43 AM

Would anybody be interested in custom S-Video cables?
I'm just about to order some video cable for my business, we use (almost exclusively) Van Damme shielded multicore.

I'm looking into buying some quality connectors (right-angled and straight). I know some people struggle with getting appropriately sized S-Video cables. Do make it known if you might be interested in some custom-sized cables, terminated by an experienced hand and tested.

I'm in the UK so haven't worked out pricing, but cigarette-packet maths would be around 5 + 10 per metre of cable.

Probably not the cheapest, but they can be made to any size out of quality cables and connectors.

Do make it known if you might be interested, I'm only doing a quick straw poll here to see if there would be of any interest.

lordsmurf 09-03-2021 09:00 AM

I want some 6-inch extenders -- male one side, female other -- in order to NOT damage input/output blocks on VCRs and TBCs. Also a single cable that's about 2 ft long.

However, I'd need a test cable first, to verify the cable header don't have death grips. It's death-grip cables that do the most damage to VCRs and TBCs.

And then another pair of good cables, even just 2 ft long each, never hurts.

Price is very high, but it's not like you'll buy a lot, or often. End price including shipping is what I'd need to see.

Most sources for cables in USA dried up years ago. Thankfully, I have a large stash, but it shrinks as years go by. I'm not uncomfortably low yet, but that day is on the horizon.

And thank you for offering this to the community. :)

Tester 09-03-2021 06:32 PM

I'd also go for a few of those short extenders, also depending on final price (I'm EU-based).

Hushpower 09-04-2021 08:42 PM

6"/15cm extenders: me too!

I'll take half a dozen; I'm in Orstralia. :)

I'm currently using ebay y cables to do the same but I suspect the quality is a bit dodge...

servese43 09-04-2021 09:01 PM

I'm also going to keep an eye on this. There are barely any S-video cables here. The only cables I managed to find were some 5-metre gold-plated cables from Jaycar (better than the 10-metre cables they had on sale)! Inconveniently long and very expensive with their unnecessary gold plating.

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