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05-18-2022, 11:24 AM
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Someone asked me to convert their tapes, and handed me a JVC HR-S6900U (Damn, just 1 generation from likely having a TBC!) lol

It has a few issues that may be minor, but I'm not sure yet. First thing is that FF or RW makes it "squeal."
The other is that there is a little bit of random static that pops in and out in random spots. It's small, but noticeable. I'm not sure if it just needs a head cleaning or not.

If it does just need the heads clean, can you use a VHS head cleaner on this thing? I have a dry type, VCR head cleaning tape that's been inside a plastic case that clips in to lock it, so probably no dust.

Anyone know how much this might be worth? He's offered to pay me, so I want to take the SVHS into account.

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05-19-2022, 04:30 AM
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I have the PAL version of this deck (HR-S6800EK), though that one is a tad different in some ways and has some digital stuff that the US version lacks.

What sort of squeal? It can sometimes be caused by the tape itself, or it can be lack of lubrication, hard to tell. The grease on mine seemed to have deteriorated a bit so re-greasing some parts made the loading process much quieter, but that wouldn't rewinding/ffwd much since the tape reels use a different lubricant. (Probably didn't help that mine seems to have come from an environment where tobacco was smoked judging by the smell).

You can use a cleaning tape, though it's typically better to clean manually with isopropyl alcohol and a chamois swap/printing paper for the drum (cotton buds can be used for other parts.) A dry cleaning tape can scrub off dirt on the video heads itself but it won't properly clean up the tape path. It may do the job enough though. The vcr may also have a auto head cleaning foam thing, and those tend to have deteriorated and often cause issues so can be worth taking out (should just be attached with a plastic tap and come out easily).

Tangent - It's a few generations off having a TBC, these were from 94/95. As far as I know the first normal JVC consumer models to have TBC/DNR outside of Japan was the 1998 decks (HR-S9500, 8500 etc). but not sure in what Japan got variants with a TBC earlier, like the Victor HR-X5 but we only got the cut down variants of those elsewhere. (The rare PAL SR-388E and US W-VHS decks had similarities with this but not sure what the originat marked for those were since they're from the "professional" series.)

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