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admin 02-13-2004 12:19 AM

This forum has two levels of membership: Free and Premium

Why post questions on THE DIGITAL FAQ as a Premium Member?

Well, this one is easy...
People who post on free forums only answer topics that interest them! When you pay for support, you get one-on-one attention, which is not something that can be guaranteed at free forums, or with Free Member accounts.

As a Premium Member,
  1. Your posts will be answered as detailed as possible,
  2. Answered quickly -- within a day or two at most, sometimes in as little as a few hours!
  3. With images and step-by-step instructions as needed.
Free Members get help as time allows.

While our experts sometimes post in those other free forums out there -- places like or -- we don't really give as many details as we would do on this site. And again, like the other members on those sites, we only answer posts that interest us.

When you post on this forum, we're obligated to help you as best as we can. You won't find unanswered posts here.

And if at any point in time, you need more details in this forum, just ask.

That's the #1 advantage of being a paid support member: one-on-one attention with answers in detail!

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