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05-04-2012, 02:27 PM
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  • Blu-ray Disc and EST continued their steady gains with consumer spending on Blu-ray jumping 23 percent and EST up 17 percent compared to the same period last year.
  • Physical sell-through of theatrical product was up two percent for the quarter, while catalog sales on Blu-ray Disc were up 27 percent, and TV on Blu-ray sales were up 54 percent, underscoring that Blu-ray Disc is the standard for quality home entertainment.
  • With most major studios backing UltraViolet, and with the support of major retailers, consumers have embraced UltraVioletís flexibility and value of ownership by opening nearly two million UltraViolet accounts to access and enjoy their movies and TV shows in the cloud.
  • The number of Blu-ray homes continues to climb, with 2.4 million players sold in the first quarter (including BD set-tops, PS3s and HTiBs). Total household penetration of all Blu-ray compatible devices now stands at more than 40.8 million U.S. homes.
  • Further, 6.5 million HDTVs were sold to U.S. consumers in the first quarter 2012. HDTV penetration to date is now at more than 77.6 million U.S. households.
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05-05-2012, 04:00 AM
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This honestly reads like industry-sponsored hooey.

Because I know for a fact that this is false: "consumers have embraced UltraViolet’s flexibility and value of ownership". Consumers have mostly rejected UltraViolet, and numerous articles have been written to that effect in the past 6 months.

And when one thing is wrong, you have to question the validity of the entire document.

One trick being implemented is availability. Blu-ray versions may sell instead of DVDs, in cases where the extras (uncut version, interviews, extra episodes, whatever) are not available on the DVD editions. For example, the main reason I now own a Blu-ray player at home is because of releases like the Smurfs movie and the Back to the Future trilogy, where the really nifty extras were only available on Blu-ray. So my hand was forced, as opposed to DVD vs Blu-ray was an actual choice.

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