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06-30-2020, 04:02 PM
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My apologies I missed that in the thread so I was a bit confused. Yeah, eBay does have some sly tricks but browser control isn't one of them.
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06-30-2020, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by latreche34 View Post
Don't be ridiculous, They cannot change the appearance of your browser unless they are remotely logged into your computer. It's an ebay feature, when you are watching an item the seller has the ability to send you an offer, it's up to you to accept it or refuse it, No one can force you to purchase anything unless you hit that button called "Buy it now" or "Accept offer".
Originally Posted by latreche34 View Post
I wasn't responding to you, Obviously I was responding to the guy who said they changed his browser and somehow magically they made a bid on his behalf.
You need to re-read that post. That's not what happened. The scammer sent forged photos in messages. There was nothing to accept or decline.

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07-01-2020, 02:35 AM
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I still don't understand, What's the motive behind a buyer sending a forged pictures? Any seller including myself before I accept an offer I have to review the amount first, I can't just go off of a picture. Even if a buyer is low balling me it doesn't mean he is a scammer. So where is the problem here?
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