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lordsmurf 08-25-2013 09:55 PM

New web hosting tutorials subforum!
Part of something we're doing at is adding web hosting topics, in addition to our video topics.

Video will always be our bread-and-butter, both uncompressed and disc-based content.

Most of you know me or found me because of my guides/posts going back 10+ years online. I'll never give up my DVDs, now Blu-ray too, and that'll never change. I still make them, I still watch them, I still enjoy them. I still have all my tapes! I enjoy all things video; everything from mom's old VHS tapes to the newest format from studios. But I've also adopted the new formats that are used online.

More and more people are recording and transferring to H.264 now, and using those videos online (either to share with friends/family, or to publish). That means storing them online somewhere. It's not just discs anymore; a decade ago it was "it's not just tapes anymore".

Choosing the right web host -- where you put your videos or video site online -- is just as important as choosing the best blank DVD or the best video encoder. Using a bad host is like burning with CMC media or using some all-in-one video encoder -- not good!

Besides just recommending good hosts, as we've done since 2011, we're now partnering with some of them. Understand that it's not just any host that asks, and not hosts that try to bribe us (either directly or through high affiliate pay), but tried and true good hosts. We contact them.

It starting slow (on purpose, so we can work the bugs out), but we'll be inviting more hosts to the forum. The new tutorials forum is a co-op -- a place for hosts to add to, share, link to, and expand on guides for their customers. Small- and medium-sized hosts especially don't have the time to maintain forums (updates, security, spam, etc), so this is a perfect solution for them.

We've also got some nifty news for the video forum! Stay tuned...

kpmedia 08-25-2013 10:03 PM


xxx has reported this post:
Thread: How to setup desktop shortcuts for cPanel
major spammer - made a ton of posts
Thanks for reporting suspected spam. It's always appreciated. :)

But this time it's not a spammer! (Phew!) It's the owner from Veerotech Web Hosting Solutions, the recent guinea pig tester of the new tutorials forum. We'll be using his posts to finalize it, and make it ready for use by other hosts in coming months. Veerotech is quite decent reseller and shared hosting, and we use one of their reseller account in Dallas for our own needs.

Again, thanks!

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