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kpmedia 11-25-2013 07:53 AM

Improving the site navigation and site menus
Pardon the construction. :unsure:

In order to make all those new items:
  • video reviews
  • video guides
  • video buying guide
  • blank media reviews
  • blank media guides
  • web hosting reviews
  • web hosting guides
  • expanded video services
  • expanded hosting services
  • site glossary
  • dedicated coupons area
  • photo guides
We had to shuffle some things. This will take a few days, but it's going quite well. We're going to be adding things to this site daily for the rest of this year, and most of next year.

Yes, you read that correct -- DAILY! :)

My main contribution is going to be the web design/development/hosting aspect. Especially hosting. :salute:

The JS menu is fixed as of tonight. (The non-JS version comes tomorrow for the naughty NoScript users.)

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