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04-06-2015, 11:15 PM
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I purchased several VCRs from GoodWill today, along with some brand-new Scotch blanks. However, I'm curious about proper re-winding technique.

Usually, when I rewind a cassette-tape, the tape goes all the way to the beginning, with nothing but the clear tape on the bottom, and the oxidized tape on the left of side "A". However, I'm noticing that this isn't the case with VHS tapes? The tapes usually only rewind to about half, or with a small-amount of oxidized tape left on the path that's revealed when you open up the trapdoor on the VHS tape.

Should the VHS tape be able to be re-wound all the way to the left, with nothing but clear tape left on the path? Where should I consider the tape to be "fully re-wound"?

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