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heym56 02-11-2016 08:02 AM

Image quality: Panasonic NV-HS1000 vs. NV-HS960B?
Hi there

I'm not super-technically minded on the editing side, but am currently doing some comparative tests transferring SVHS-C tapes to DVD, using the quality, powered Panasonic adaptor to compare the results from my 2 vcrs - ('down'n'dirty' I know).

Panasonic NV-HS1000 (TBC on, AI off, picture SOFT) s-video > JVC DR-M100 (xp mode, Verbatim disc)

JVC HR-S8700 (TBC on, picture control AUTO) s-video > JVC DR-M100 (xp mode, Verbatim disc)

I feel both machines are in equally good working condition; I've tried various tapes (the usual thing, family life, interiors with low light levels; alongside holidays outdoors, car racing, air shows, etc).

Playing the DVDs on a Blu ray player to a 50" plasma screen to give them the (harshest?) test of detail/quality, I'm really happy with the clean image output from 8700 > DR-M100.
I've tried the Panasonic's picture slider variations between Softest and the Mid setting, but always aware of that 'film' of noise. Even though I can appreciate it may retain detail in certain areas that the JVC machine smoothes out, I prefer the JVC 'look'.

I have just seen a Panasonic NV-HS960 for sale online and wondered if there would be a significant difference in the image quality of the venerable NV-HS1000 and the (relatively!) new NV-HS960, or if that is the Panasonic 'look' carried through every updated model.

Goldwingfahrer 02-11-2016 10:19 AM


the 960 and the 860 can turn off the NR filter.
right button on the front.

XP Mode .... because there are spikes which exceed shoot on the DVD standard.


FR Clothing is there not?
FR = flexible rate

heym56 02-11-2016 01:16 PM

So the 960 has more flexibility in adjusting to different tapes image quality?

The output from the DR-M100 is good to my eyes; (I use XP mode, compiling edited sections of video that fit inside 60 minutes).

Goldwingfahrer 02-12-2016 06:01 AM

check the PC then tops Bitrate
I had bit rates were about 9800 kbps
DVD compliant are allowed for image + sound and subtitle maximum 9800 kbps

also look if all GOP are closed

digitize in realtime VHS to DVD are always streaking during fast scenen

the lower edge shimmering on VHS [head switch noise] should actually not be recorded on DVD.

heym56 02-20-2016 01:37 PM

Hello again.
Can anyone advise on the relative qualities of the Panasonic NV-HS960 and the NV-HS1000?

I have 2x 1000s and an AG-4700, and all give a grainy result playing a range of SVHS-C camcorder tapes and standard VHS tapes recorded from tv.

My JVC HR-S8700 gives cleaner results , the picture almost 'creamy' in feel - but very watchable. I just wonder if some finer detail could be retained if I tried a more recent Panasonic machine, eg the 960.

Or is every machine unique and you can't definitively say one model will hold more detail than another?

Doing simple transfers to DVD, Xp setting, HR-S8700 >DR-M100 is giving great results; just wonder if there's an even better option?

Goldwingfahrer 02-20-2016 03:57 PM


Or is every machine unique and you can't definitively say one model will hold more detail than another?
Yes, that's why we have prof. Digitizer also several dozen recorders and feeder

try with a JVC HR-S8600 or 9600
The 8700 and 9700 + 9850 my draw the picture too soft

Adjust settings for the recorder correctly

i have 1x 1000 + 1x AG-4700 and 860 + 960
but in both the packaged power supply opens.[Pana 1000 + AG4700]
This is a design flaw from Panasonic
Photos I've shown here in the forum

Post 5
wrapped Total

Post 6.........
my pictures

Packing away.

heym56 02-20-2016 06:42 PM

Thanks Goldwingfahrer

I have seen a JVC HR-S8965 in an auction - is that a good machine?

Goldwingfahrer 02-21-2016 05:19 AM

I can not judge
would have recorder only here to test this

is like the lotto ... you can get lucky ... or not.

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