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01-30-2019, 04:30 AM
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We got this email last year, and I found it amusing:

juliocasio (juliocasio@yahoo.com) is e-mailing you about
General comments and site feedback. (Praise preferred, constructive criticism welcomed, venom ignored.)

Message: Not sure what I did wrong because most places have rules far too long winded for me to bother reading. But truthfully you only did your loyal members a disservice. As you've probably read, I've put 3 VCRs up on ebay starting at 99cents each, and with no reserve. So the possibility to get them for an awesome deal. You think selling them for yard sale prices benefits me? Think people. I figured you had someone on this site who is a collector and who is passionate about old stuff that still works and was taken care of. I bet I'm right, and the guys who will try to get them are the mods who just love getting first crack and keeping competition to a minimum. No need to reinstate me, I have no use for this website anyway. Peace

Contact Details:
This guy was a spammer, posted 3x threads in non-Marketplace forum, just eBay links. His threads were removed, no further action was (yet) taken when we got his email.

He had 3 pitiful wrecked consumer VHS VCRs, and not even the suggested models. Just overpriced junk that probably came from an estate sale or garage sale. I didn't follow the auctions, but wouldn't at all be surprised if none had sold for even 99 cents.

That is the typical attitude of many VCR seller on eBay.

- Facts about video/VCRs are inconvenient.
- It "works" if the power LED lights up, or has any video/audio signal (even if poor quality).
- Many never reply to questions, you're just a bother.
- Many act as if they're doing you a favor by selling the unknown/broken condition deck.

This isn't the 1st time something like this has happened in recent years.

In fact, in the past year, quite a few sellers are just plagiarizing posts they find on this site (many of them my writings), in order to sell their wares. I've reported a few of those, gotten the auction taken down.

Our forum has almost weekly stories these days about getting burned on eBay, usually from a bad VCR, or TBC, or capture card. The stuff is almost never tested, often not working correctly. As a buyer, be aware of the problem. Ask questions, and move on if given no answers. Understand that many of these people know no more than you do, often less since you obviously are on this site (and have likely read up about VCRs).

Buyer beware ... because many sellers are liars and pricks.

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02-01-2019, 06:45 PM
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Thanks, but these disreputable sellers are shooting themselves in the foot if they sell a broken deck on eBay, which has a money back guarantee. Even if a seller does not offer returns, you can get your money back if the product is not in the condition stated. A listing with "no returns" just means you cannot return it for any other reason, like if the color of the VCR doesn't match the TV cabinet. Smart swindlers would be better off writing "for parts only".
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