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Sossity 06-19-2009 10:12 PM

Shutterbutton has fallen off my Sony camera
I have the sony cybershot DSC-H5 digicam, I bought it in July 2006, the shutter button has fallen off, for a short while I could trigger the shutter with a paper clip, but now it does not work at all. I researched this online & it is a well documented problem, but I cannot seem to find a direct link to a replacement shutter button.

can anyone help? right now I am stuck with a useless camera & I used it alot.

admin 06-30-2009 01:46 AM

Having looked around a bit, and making some phone calls, your best bet may be to hunt down a used/broken model that is the same or similar, and then gut it for the parts you need. This, however, may be more time and effort than you want to spend, and the money dumped into that endeavor may be better spent on a far more modern body.

In the world of digital point-and-shoot cameras -- note "P&S", not "digital cameras" in general, that does NOT apply to DSLRs -- the 3-year-old 2006 P&S Sony is so ancient that many would find it unusable. It will easily lack the ability to shoot cleanly in low light, clarity of glass/sensor combo, etc. There have been many accomplishments in sensor tech since that camera was developed.

Replacing it might be the best option.

I actually have an excellent like-new Sony P&S from 2006 too, very similar to yours, a gift, but I don't even use it. I should probably eBay it, as they sell for about $100-150 on there.

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