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Sossity 12-21-2010 03:30 AM

Does Nikon D7000 overexpose?
I found this,

Does it overexpose?
Should I make the EV adjustments as in the article?
Or just adjust EV for bright daylight?
Or leave it alone?

admin 12-21-2010 04:06 AM

It doesn't overexpose, no.

I would call that review confused at best, a lie at worst. The sample picture use to illustrate this "flaw" is awful. (Note that I didn't say the word "photograph" as it's clearly a mindless snapshot of a bay.) The camera has decided to meter off the terrible smog that has collected in the air. That's going to happen with pretty much any camera. Shooting smog is a special situation, sort of like photographing snow or fireworks. Neither the before nor the after shot are very good -- both are in serious need of Photoshop processing, and both can easily be adjusted by the slight amount needed. Honestly, the bay looks like crap with all that junk in the air, so I'd not bother shooting it until a big storm has passed and knocked it from the air. (Thus explains why so many photographers shoot immediately after storms!) I'd also use graduated filters on the sky and far background.

Add +/- EV values could work very well, for that one photo, but it could make every other image taken by the D7000 look terrible. Aside from shooting with special filters, there's really no need to ever shoot with EV values permanently adjusted.

If a shot didn't meter correctly, and you don't like what you see in the LCD, shoot it again with manual settings.

Leave it alone.

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