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01-31-2013, 07:40 PM
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Going to purchase a new camera and looking for anyones advice on this sony camera that seems to be a pretty good buy at $800... I have always used nikon in the past and am a little biast towards the other brands but maybe i should think outside the box?? I am a semipro photographer and will use the camera for both my own personal stuff ie. My family/sporting events as well as doing some portrait/portfolio shoots for other people along with ocassional weddings for others.... My nikon d5000 recently was stolen and thats why upgrading now. My biggest issue in the past was that although i take good photographs that when i would go to print or enlarge they would always get auto cropped by whomever was printing them for me and that sucked... So again if anyone has any advice and can tell me the advantages of the sony a65 vs. The nikon d7000 or vice versa would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much
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01-31-2013, 10:38 PM
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If you plan to do anything beyond basic photography (which is almost a given since you're looking at the D7000!), or some odd niche, my advice is to always stick to Canon or Nikon. Period. No Exceptions. Nikon and Canon have a much, much larger assortment of lenses and accessories, including from 3rd parties. As a self-described semi-pro photographer, I can guarantee you'll get pissed at the Sony at some point.

You're choice of shots sounds like mine. Sports, portrait, weddings, etc.

That Nikon D7000 is an absolutely incredible body. I convinced one of my oldest and closest friends to get one, having never even used a camera, and now I can't get him to put it down! He uses it from everything to videos of the baby, to some pretty nice shots of scenery. If I ever got another backup body in the crop form factor, this is what I'd get without hesitation. (I shoot with a Nikon D3s, and have a D200 as backup.)

Printing is a pet peeve of mine ... so I print my own. Got an Epson printer for about $500, and never looked back.

Beyond that, the biggest weakness of the Sony is higher noise. Both Canon and Nikon have been making strides in this area in the last few years. It's really a "soccer mom" type of consumer body.

Now, all that said, I realize the Sony is a full-frame body ... but at what cost? Yeah, it's cheaper than full-frames from Canon and Nikon, but there are tradeoffs is noise, accessories, lenses (and lens quality), etc. I'll admit it's tempting, but it's really not what I'm looking for. And it's probably not what you're looking for, as a semi professional.

Above all, remember to buy your cameras from legitimate dealers:
Let me know if you other questions, need more advice, etc ... for this, or anything else.

While I know video, I'm a photographer at the core!


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02-08-2013, 04:55 PM
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Just wanted to say thanks for your opinion on the question I had asked... I said screw it and am gonna take my photography to the next level and I just bought the Nikon D600 instead I just got the body and no lens yet and now need to figure out what lens (s) to get for it... I am so excited and can't wait to use this!

Another quick question for you.... what do you think of this lens for $100 {I know its older and what not but I seem to remember my cousin who is a big time professional photographer in Denver, Co. mentioning to me one time that she loved this lens and for what it does it could be selling for 3-4 times more than they were back in the day... AF NIKKOR 28-80mm 1:3.5 - 5.6D

Or I can get the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX (NEW) for price of $175

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02-11-2013, 04:52 AM
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The D600 is a nice upgrade. The full frame gives a bokeh that's not found in the crop bodies. Good lenses required, of course.

For $100, that fine. The Sigma was $100 new. It's just a normal lens, nothing special.

The 50mm, on the other hand, is quite useful. I've always consider it to be bargain when it was the D, which I still use regularly. I've had that thing for 10+ years now. I have a normal lens, too, but it mostly stays in the bag. The price of a 50mm 1.8 slowly went to $110, 120, 150, and now it's up to $175 for the AF-S. If you want to save a few bucks, the D is fine. If you have $175 to spend, get the AF-S.

I'd get the 50mm first, before I got the normal. You'll find it more useful. At least I do.

The 28-80mm 3.5-5.6 was the kit lens back in the film day, late 90s era. I think she's overstating it. Certainly not woth $300-400. In her dreams, maybe. For that much, I could get a 2.8-4 lens.

How about we trade you a Premium membership for a good review of the Nikon D600?

Mention why you passed on the D7000 and A65.

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02-11-2013, 06:33 AM
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Sure I would be happy to do that... I actually went to best buy yesterday and bought the AF-S NIKKOR 50MM 1:1-8 G LENS and started using the camera and that lens late last night and I couldn't stop taking pictures / testing and learning exactly how to use it - didn't go to bed til 4am ~ hahaha... Wow its crazy how much better this full frame body is and I am LOVING that 50mm lens already! I'll write more on why I decided to go the route of the D600 when I have a little more time. Thanks for responding to my questions and giving me access to your knowledge



p.s. look forward to the premium membership and staying part of this site!
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02-11-2013, 06:58 AM
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Originally Posted by EricH View Post
p.s. look forward to the premium membership and staying part of this site!

We'd like to publish it as a real review on the main part of the site -- not just a forum post. That's just one body we don't have. Take some shots, explain important features (ISO, full-frame, etc --whatever you use). Remember reviews are about what you want, why you bought it, why you like it, etc. All about you first, camera second. Those other sites talk about the camera only, and people don't care -- they want to hear from the photographers.

Look forward to having you.

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