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09-23-2020, 11:53 AM
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I have some 35mm slides that I would like to scan. Nothing too important, a set of 1990s Las Vegas slides distributed by the Las Vegas News Bureau that I picked up at an auction. Not that old, but certainly not the type of image you'd find online given the lineage.

I have a Canon Canoscan 8400f that dates to 2006 in the basement that should still work. I used it for negative scanning, but it has been put away for about 10 years. The link below shows some details for the scanner.


I don't really have a big use for a new $200 flatbed scanner and I'm not sure I'd get $200 of use out of it. I'm guessing I would get in trouble with my wife for that purchase. Given the ownership rights of the scans being from a photo bureau, I'm guessing I can't send them out to be processed. Is what I have good enough or is there a better middle ground device to pick up?
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