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Albys 03-03-2018 10:37 AM

Image enlargements: How to get detailed image for large print?
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Hi everyone, i was wonder if there is any way to take a photo/image like the one below (or a 20/24mpx@300dpi image) and ready it to be printed on a huge format, say 10x6 meters, without losing too many details (it would be looked at from 1/1.8 meters away).



kpmedia 04-23-2018 12:31 AM

At very most, you can run a fractal resize. However, don't expect miracles. Generally speaking, a fractal resize will allow for prints about 2x-4x larger than "stupid" resize methods (bicubic, bilinear).

Let's convert to feet/inches, for my own sanity: 10x6 meters = 32.8 x 19.7 feet

That's just too big. The answer is an immediate no.

That's essentially a billboard size (14x48'). Billboard were always shot with large format cameras, maybe medium format at worst. And it took that industry year to switch to pure digital shooting, because quality wasn't there for at least a decade. My Nikon D810 shoots about 7400x4900 pixels, and would be difficult to print that large with any degree of high detail. Your source image is about 1/5th that size (1650x1100).

I mean, sure, yeah, you can print 33x20' size. But you'll lose detail, and will be obviously not-sharp from closer distances. Realizing that billboard weren't really that sharp either, seen from a road traveling at high speeds. That exact source image from Imgur will probably look terrible, from any distance.

And we didn't even talk about lossy JPEG vs. the RAW. That usually matters, too. But the size of this image is so low that even being RAW wouldn't salvage it.

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