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  1. Choice Of Capture Methods- Which One?
  2. Cutting sections from a commercial DVD workout video
  3. VCR from eBay arrived in a trash bag!
  4. VHS Video Tapes For Smart TVs
  5. About the VideoData DAC-100 and power supply
  6. DVB-T set-top box with MPEG-2 Firewire output
  7. How to best transfer analog to digital?
  8. My temp contact info [BACK!]
  9. Video camera for podcasts
  10. Upgrade DVD recorder for transfering VHS tapes?
  11. Problem with capturing Betacam SP tapes?
  12. Failed Archive accessing?
  13. Mold or dust on VHS tape? (Pictures attached)
  14. Recommended method for capturing 8mm film
  15. JVC HR-S9900U won't stay powered on
  16. ProShow Producer problems collecting files
  17. Going to hospital [update: released]
  18. Looking for suggestions for device
  19. VHS cassettes recorded in SECAM and capture in PAL.
  20. VHS head switching and border?
  21. VHS image noise around videos?
  22. Found old Betamax VCR, should I get it?
  23. Multiple server reboots today
  24. Difference between a TBC-6000 and a 1000?
  25. Playing VHS tapes shows horizontal black bar?
  26. Best way to determine mold on a VHS tape?
  27. Horizontal jitter on Panasonic PV-VS4820 SVHS VCR?
  28. End of Windows 7 support in January 2020
  29. Image/chroma subsampling on VHS and S-VHS tapes?
  30. Problems with VHS-C tape playback, top screen curves?
  31. My new libraries for my DVD and VHS
  32. Please enable HTTPS on this website
  33. Protecting equipment from lightning damage?
  34. Interesting master's thesis about TBCs
  35. New discovery in video capture field?
  36. Possibly selling off some video gear, its value?
  37. DMR-ES15 remote recommend?
  38. Issues with someone paying you?
  39. Who still uses VHS for any practical use?
  40. Best equipment for miniDV conversion
  41. How can I get better at editing photos?
  42. Steralising inside of VCR with UV light, mold protection?
  43. JVC dynamic drum ultimate repair mod!
  44. What forum to post VCR specification request?
  45. Future of VHS capturing in the next 10-20 years?
  46. Notice: Contact Us form not working [FIXED]
  47. Funny phone call: fastsupport.com Indian scammers
  48. Is there a custom fee (Germany to US)?
  49. Problem of uploading
  50. Rules for PM'ing/contacting lordsmurf
  51. Sony SL-HF2000 Betamax Strange Problem
  52. Where to find parts/manual for vintage film projectors?
  53. JVC HR-S8000U - Craigslist Deal I Spotted
  54. BTW: No April Fool's fun this year
  55. Best starting method for newbie (VHS digitalization) ?
  56. Outstanding site!
  57. Getting the right Laserdisc player?
  58. Panasonic LQ-MD800 Professional/Medical Grade DVD Recorder
  59. Digitizing VHS with VirtualDub - files too big + PAL question
  60. Building a VHS cleaning machine
  61. Livestream Instagram with capture card?
  62. Can a Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U D-VHS fix tearing?
  63. Sony Pro MP Hi8, how/where to convert digital?
  64. Forum upgrade coming today!
  65. Any fellow toy collectors here?
  66. Can't find right cable for ATI AIW <-> sound card
  67. New JVC HRS9800 for $1000?
  68. Section/thread to post links to other sites with good info?
  69. JVC Digital-S (D9) transfer service?
  70. Forum search oddness?
  71. Typical eBay VCR seller attitude
  72. Member status for those that have passed?
  73. Home movie cataloging program recommendations?
  74. Post disappeared? [SOLVED]
  75. What are you currently listening to?
  76. JVC serial numbers?
  77. Any stock/fund investors here?
  78. I've created a free audio tool some of you guys might like...
  79. Information on W-VHS VCRs (Not for Buying)
  80. It's been 6 years...
  81. Bush funeral train passes Hufsmith [Video]
  82. Happy Thanksgiving!
  83. PAL Betamax lossless digitization service?
  84. Looking for user manual for Sony EV-C500E Hi8 VCR?
  85. JVC DR-MH30s unit opinions?
  86. Convert film to AVI or MOV?
  87. Want to learn video editing, but nothing to edit?
  88. Good screen recorder?
  89. Advice JVC HR-8009UM
  90. Massive VHS movie for sale?
  91. Uploading Hi8 tapes to digital, gray lines in picture?
  92. Thoughts on JVC HM-DR10000EU VCR, worth getting?
  93. Peter Jackson's 'They Shall Not Grow Old' film restoration
  94. Windows 10 updates are deleting your files!
  95. How to see if a member exists on this forum?
  96. Which color profile to choose? (Adobe Premiere Pro)
  97. Video restoration - what can I expect?
  98. 8mm Vietnam film, capture in VirtualDub with Avisynth?
  99. Weird compression/image stabilisation ?
  100. Your dream VHS VCR from that time would be?
  101. Anyone else having trouble with links on Doom9?
  102. What is the RCA VR721HF SVHS a clone of?
  103. Thumbs up: VCRshop on eBay (PAL)
  104. Who uses The Digital FAQ forum?
  105. Help with old Sony Hi8 tapes...
  106. Sony VO-5600 pinch roller not staying in place
  107. Transferred VHS audio looping from dull to sharp
  108. A 4 video camera projection equipment?
  109. Notice: Server maintenance 6/13 wee hours [DONE]
  110. It's National VCR Day! What's your favorite VCR?
  111. Comparing new testing set-up vs ATI AGP card
  112. YouTube channel with 1970s video tape captures
  113. ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) for VHS?
  114. Uncompressed for archiving?
  115. Looking for Nintendo arcade film
  116. Possible uses for a Snell & Willcox CVR600 Kudos TBC?
  117. TMPGEnc minimum bitrate?
  118. Catalog and print HDD content offline
  119. PAL VHPatterns2 test DVD ISO needed!
  120. Trying to find VHS blanks from late 70s/80s
  121. Checking a DataVideo TBC-1000
  122. Best Drivers for ATI 600 USB
  123. Methods to capture Japanese film on VHS?
  124. Digitalizing VHS tapes, what should I buy?
  125. Japan-made I-O Data and Canopus PAL problem?
  126. lordsmurf retired, this site now about princesses! [April Fool!]
  127. Best choice for capturing audio cassettes?
  128. Suitability of current production TBCs?
  129. White stains in VHS picture, fades with successive playback?
  130. Two interesting VCR sales sites
  131. My VCR tracking grading scale!
  132. Is there an index to the editorials?
  133. HQ conversion of S-VHS/VHS, HI8/8, miniDV to digiital - equipment and steps
  134. New Article: What's in a Pro Video Workflow to Convert Videotapes?
  135. TBCs going end of life, no more new AVToolbox!
  136. The meaning of the Panasonic "AG" prefix?
  137. Sometimes your VHS transfer work lands up on network TV!
  138. Hardware DVD burner emulator exists?
  139. Happy Holidays to all!
  140. Service productizations in movie business?
  141. Samuel Sapsford scammer alert, NC photographer
  142. Can't log into archives forum?
  143. I love all the VHS lovers here!!!
  144. Found a snake in the garage! [OFF-TOPIC]
  145. Advice for preparing a VCR for shipping?
  146. VHS capture workshops, clubs, special interest groups?
  147. Hello all members :)
  148. Can you cook? Have any recipes? [OFF-TOPIC]
  149. ODD final claim dealine is today!
  150. Internet Neutrality pop-up on your browser today?
  151. Forum changes coming soon, want your feedback!
  152. 2" NTSC tape conversion, seeking advice
  153. Identify this type of VHS video defect?
  154. How to upload a sample from DVD, MPEG-2 with DGindex [GUIDE]
  155. Leonard Maltin on The Death of VHS, some format history
  156. Hello fellow VCR lovers!
  157. Partial site downtime, LiquidWeb outage
  158. Need a JVC SR-V101US? 17 available on eBay
  159. AVT-8710 vs. AG 1980 VCR and TBC?
  160. Amazon 3rd-party VCR buying: Anticipation to devastation
  161. Trying to go laptop: VGA to VCR to RF modulator?
  162. How to handle cables for multiple video devices? (VCRs)
  163. Playing and editing .mov files workflow?
  164. New Premium Member benefits: Free websites?
  165. How to play interlaced lossless AVIs in PotPlayer [GUIDE]
  166. Issue with Sony brand Video8 tapes, or is it?
  167. Warning: Latest Firefox browser update!
  168. New eBay VCR (TBCs, etc) scam! Beware!
  169. How well have my tapes held up?
  170. Forum maintenance 1/31
  171. dFAQ issue viewing guides page on Android
  172. How to clean Youtube video quality?
  173. VHS restoration challenge?
  174. Capture DV Tapes
  175. Customer service query to DigitalFAQ
  176. DVD-RAM, exporting data from ISO Buster recovery?
  177. How to fix video that was not centered?
  178. Problem looping turntable video?
  179. Sony Hi8 to Sony digital camcorder to Windows 10?
  180. Questions Not Answered!?
  181. Best USB capture card for Hi8 to iMovie 10?
  182. 6.35mm reel to reel projector?
  183. DTV converter boxes for cheap?
  184. JVC HR-S9500 - Mechanism problem - Power off after 3 second
  185. ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder x600 drivers on Windows7/64?
  186. SECAM-L conversion to DVD?
  187. Can JVC HM-DR10000EK output component video via SCART?
  188. VCR with HDMI out?
  189. Download counter for attachments is inaccurate
  190. Site menu broken in Android?
  191. Is making/replying to threads fast again?
  192. JVC DR-M70SU DVD recorder quality?
  193. Optonline.net email bouncing (550 5.7.1 Unacceptable greeting)
  194. My journey from VHS to DVD!
  195. Pioneer DVD recorder for VHS transfer?
  196. JVC versus Panasonic s-vhs - a simple comparison
  197. JVC versus Panasonic s-vhs - a simple comparison
  198. Importing audio filters crashes Sound Forge?
  199. JVC GY-X3 S-VHS to digital with MacBook?
  200. Review: Restore Manager - cPanel backup plugin from GK~root
  201. PC to Fairlight CVI and back to PC
  202. Last factory (Funai) stops making VCRs!
  203. How to save session files from video project?
  204. Hello, yes still alive, just checking in!
  205. LCD panel internal mountings safe?
  206. Why does red block more in video than other colors?
  207. Are there good and bad domain registrars
  208. Review my video competition submission, planning reshoot
  209. Unusual VCR Listing on eBay
  210. How to Ask a Question [GUIDE]
  211. Download password protected Vimeo links?
  212. Wireless devices not accessing OpenDNS?
  213. Panasonic NV-8950 on eBay. Remember these?
  214. Question about multi system vcr
  215. Anybody else getting error 500 on forum?
  216. Turn off Panasonic AG-1980 auto rewind?
  217. For the video nerds: Broadcast Engineering archives!
  218. Find how many hours of footage in Mac Finder?
  219. VHS digitization: chroma noise clean up?
  220. Help identifying JVC VCR model?
  221. Forum post timestamps don't follow Profile setting?
  222. Best interlaced export formats for TV (VHS digitizing)
  223. Spammers spamming spam
  224. eBay: 3 attempts to buy Panasonic VCR, 3 broken machines
  225. Site bug? Attachment with single-quotes renamed blank?
  226. Windows 10 for video editing?
  227. Help identifying VHS/VCR artifacts?
  228. JVC HR-S7600AM settings keep resetting?
  229. 8mm/Super8 film transfer to DVD near Ohio/Indiana?
  230. Image quality: Panasonic NV-HS1000 vs. NV-HS960B?
  231. How has my video held up?
  232. Looking for Panasonic AG 7650 manuals
  233. New Avidemux 2.6.12
  234. MaxCDN vs. CloudFlare? Why not use CloudFlare?
  235. Having trouble with the Sony TRV 350 pass thru no stereo
  236. Bets place to sell my dads panasonic NV V8000B
  237. Difference JVC S-VHS with TBC makes to my setup?
  238. How to digitize old VHS tapes?
  239. Panasonic DMR-ES10 review, with proc amps
  240. JVC BR-622 (PAL) a good choice ?
  241. External proc amp, converter, TBC, Snell & Wilcox, Kramer?
  242. Getting another AG-1980 for AG-A96 edit controller?
  243. Virtualdub saves AVI file size too large?
  244. Where to download Windows 8?
  245. Working with nLite, testing XP custom disc?
  246. Imaging (backup) software for Windows XP machines?
  247. Can anyone provide a [torrent site] invite?
  248. Dear carpal tunnel: I hate you.
  249. Two issues with forum: double posting, wait error
  250. Happy New Year!