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  1. VirtualDub encoding freezing?
  2. Line TBC with Avisynth script?
  3. Issues with washed out colors, JVC and AVT-8710?
  4. Fixing color spots and edge lines?
  5. AviSynth+ 3.4.0 released
  6. Questions regarding TBC, audio/video sync drift and software
  7. DataVideo TBC sometimes softens video?
  8. Old 8mm transferred to VHS, then to DVD?
  9. Sony DSC-1024G Digital Scan Converter hidden features?
  10. Camcorder Color Denoise usage guide?
  11. Goldwave pop/crackle filter works great
  12. Grainy SLP tapes cleanup tips?
  13. Deconstructing what QTGMC does to edges in progressive mode?
  14. QTGMC set up/error message
  15. Installing Windows XP
  16. Has anyone used JES_Deinterlacer?
  17. Advice on PAL colour corrector?
  18. AviSynth Scripts/Guide
  19. Restoring with Avisynth: some newbie questions
  20. Correcting distortion from external TBC?
  21. Avisynth error: couldn't locate a decompressor for fourcc HFYU
  22. VirtualDub and color space of filters?
  23. What filters in VirtualDub 1.9xx to improve video?
  24. Deinterlacing with VirtualDub Yadif filter?
  25. Removing duplicate frames in digital file?
  26. DataVidep VP-263 audio mixer, video enhancer?
  27. Standard VHS deck + external TBC & comb filter?
  28. What are the best VHS cleaning machines and where is best to find them?
  29. RGB Histograms - Red and Blue Riding Up the Side?
  30. Improving VHS Conversion Quality
  31. Shifting Titles Or Jumpy Image, Which Is Worse?
  32. Averaging multiple audio samples for noise reduction
  33. Horizontal lines scrolling up the picture
  34. Working with DV source in Avisynth?
  35. Next steps after successful VHS captures?
  36. Use DVD recorder for TBC passthrough?
  37. Panasonic AG-8700 S-VHS VCR: XLR to RCA
  38. Avisynth help: Transparent lines in the video?
  39. Avisynth MT or Avisynth ST?
  40. How Critical is GPU Support in Post Capture Work?
  41. External USB 3.0 drive for post-capture video work?
  42. Dealing with telecine cadence breaks?
  43. Onboard sound for improving/filtering/editing audio?
  44. Sound Forge Preset Manager not taking plug-ins?
  45. Upsampling interlaced YUV420 to YUV422 ?
  46. Advantages of Avisynth vs. Avisynth+ (plus)?
  47. Is Panasonic VCR built-in TBC an option?
  48. Identifying causes of a capture artifact?
  49. Avisynth can't open script? What am I doing wrong?
  50. Recommended PC Hardware for AviSynth and QTGMC
  51. How to improve VHS to DVD conversion?
  52. Questions on YUV to RGB conversion & using Color Tools histograms
  53. Is it possible to use AviSynth difference overlay to see live changes?
  54. Best sequence of filters for deinterlace, deshake, denoise
  55. Steps after capturing VHS: edit video, filters?
  56. Restoring VHS MPEG-2 transcoded tape?
  57. There is no function named Vinverse? (Avisynth)
  58. Am I doing this video capture right?
  59. Help diagnosing Avisynth+ install problems?
  60. VHS (JVC) to Matrox MXO2 LE -> audio sync
  61. Restoring 8mm/Hi8/VHS VirtualDub captures?
  62. How to hide a stuck or dead pixel?
  63. AviSynth+TIVTC vs Virtualdub?
  64. How to use DaVinci Resolve with HuffYUV or Lagarith AVI files?
  65. Is AVISynth+ confusing? Use StaxRip?
  66. How to clean up color bleed?
  67. How ColorMill filter for VirtualDub works
  68. QTGMC creating stutter on timecode breaks?
  69. Remove video logo?
  70. Optimizing a 2.35 subtitled capture for 16:9
  71. Requesting pointers for audio cleanup and noise removal
  72. Doubling Avisynth script to remove comets?
  73. Chroma bleed problem, left and right?
  74. Way to get VirtualDub to save updated AVI back to same location?
  75. How to get histograms to show in VirtualDub?
  76. VirtualDub Colormill filter expanation available?
  77. Telecined program with interlaced titles processing?
  78. Confused about inverse telecine
  79. VirtualDub problem with ContrastMask
  80. Where to find RemoveDirtMC & ReplaceFramesMC2?
  81. Strange video tearing effect on portion of VHS capture...
  82. N00b question about Avisynth+
  83. Revisiting a home movie restoration project
  84. VirtualDub CCD plugin error?
  85. Weird chroma flicker, how to remove from VHS capture?
  86. Is Toshiba D-VR7-K-TC2 a quality machine for VHS to DVD?
  87. PAL progressive source in interlaced DVD
  88. Convert historical Fiat videos from 360p to 480p?
  89. Cut/Edit AVI files and then encode, or encode and then cut/edit?
  90. Help improve video with Avisynth?
  91. Best media for distributing family movies?
  92. Panasonic ES10 passthrough creates MPEGs?
  93. VCR for S-VHS or VHS?
  94. Avisynth ffmpeg only green frames?
  95. VHS restoration - AviSynth optimization / workflow ideas?
  96. Avisynth deinterlace, improve some quality, VHS captures?
  97. Remove video errors on left/right of picture?
  98. Are AviSynth scripts, VirtualDub filters run as separate processes?
  99. New vs. old aWarpSharp2 usage?
  100. Avidemux won't convert AVI file to MPEG?
  101. How to use AvsPmod text snippets?
  102. Help figuring out AviSynth Select structure?
  103. Run QTGMC deinterlacer on capture PC or edit PC?
  104. Wow! AvsP/AvsPmod has more stuff than I thought!
  105. Avisynth: How to use .avsi, load complex filters?
  106. Potential TBC schematics
  107. ColorYUV: difference between gain_y and gamma_y?
  108. What order are the filters in VirtualDub processed?
  109. Is Infognition the best place for VirtualDub filters?
  110. Way to automatically control intermittent overexposure issues?
  111. Strange frame/field progression from DV-AVI film capture?
  112. Trouble getting AviSynth GScript plugin to work?
  113. Best way to restore individual scenes in capture?
  114. How to clean up footage with Elite Video Broadcast Video Processor?
  115. Interlacing lines shaking, jitter?
  116. Cleaning up animated VHS captures?
  117. VCR display my tapes in yellow color?
  118. How to remove grain, how to fix film shot in low light?
  119. Vertical lines on PAL VHS transfer?
  120. Half chroma info on deinterlacing VHS?
  121. Restoration of VCD
  122. DVD to H264. To De-interlace?
  123. RTI Tapechek machines in UK?
  124. Question on Panasonic DMR-ES15 (EU-PAL)
  125. What are first steps to restoring captured AVI? (with samples)
  126. FFMPEG, AviSynth, VirtualDub - Which tool for which purpose?
  127. QTGMC repeating frames on MP4 in Avisynth?
  128. Different types of noise removal for video?
  129. Lossless encoding and archival questions
  130. 90s camcorder: Removing red-blue chroma lines?
  131. How does the Kramer FC-400 TBC pulse bar work?
  132. Cleaning up VHS capture for freeze frames?
  133. Help improving VHS captures with Avisynth, capture card?
  134. Color Correcting and Removing Artifacts from 8mm Film Scan
  135. How to remove horizontal lines caused by damaged tape?
  136. VHS horizontal lines of discoloration on side of frame?
  137. Problems using the JVC HR-S9600 S-VHS
  138. Elite BVP4 video proc amp vs. VirtualDub color correction?
  139. VHS audio issue
  140. VirtualDub in Parallels Windows on Mac?
  141. Panasonic NV-SV121, no line TBC on unit?
  142. Worth filtering this clip? lower bitrate sat cap
  143. Possible to put a 4k show on DVD?
  144. Chroma delay on Laserdisc?
  145. VHS VCR with Dolby Stereo playback?
  146. How do I upscale 5:4 to 16:9 ?
  147. Optimal TBC/Comb Filter Setup for Capturing Multple Analogue Formats
  148. Clarifications, improvements for Avisynth scripts?
  149. Newbie to video restoration: how to improve? Also A/V sync issues?
  150. How to shrink a video for WordPress?
  151. Removing horizontal/vertical film lines and scratches?
  152. How to identify telecine pulldown?
  153. Pink band at top of some captures
  154. Can I save this tape by combining two captures?
  155. Jitter / Frame rate issue
  156. JVC HR-DVS1 or JVC HR-S9600 for VHS restoration?
  157. Pinkish/green gradient on all tapes?
  158. Levels OK, but RGB illegal? Need education...
  159. Restoration of a video with a lot of block
  160. Best scripts for de-telecine
  161. Usefulness of a vectorscope/waveform monitor?
  162. VHS to x.264 restore produces strange 'moire' on horizontal lines.
  163. Problem with custom script in Avisynth to stabilize video?
  164. What are the best filters for these VHS captures?
  165. TBC chip PCB in what position?
  166. Tearing on HR-S7800U vs. HM-DH40000U, TBC fixes?
  167. How to load VirtualDub plugins in Avisynth?
  168. VHS challenge! I bet this can't look good!
  169. What is the best video resize filter/method?
  170. VHS Hi-Fi audio crackles with 2018 technology?
  171. Found more VHS tapes, best Avisynth scripts to restore?
  172. Stabilize VHS video captured without full-frame TBC?
  173. Has anyone installed the filters in Sound Forge 12?
  174. Picture goes green and wobbly VHS tape?
  175. USB capture device and streaky output
  176. VCR picture rolling when capturing video?
  177. Avisynth script to fix offset interlacing?
  178. ImageSource insists on starting at 0 in sequence?
  179. SR-MV45/MV55 suitablity for EP lossless capture?
  180. JVS S-VHS HR-s3600u or HR-S3900U?
  181. Determining borders after Avisynth StabMod?
  182. How can I improve these VHS animation captures?
  183. Copy of a copy of a copy VHS tape?
  184. How good does my tape look?
  185. How to get good quality improving video?
  186. Working with color bars on old tapes?
  187. Anamorph output checkbox gone in MeGUI 2774?
  188. Green cast on VHS playback?
  189. Suggestions for improving my home videos? (Avisynth, VirtualDub)
  190. Non-specifically, how do you plan a restoration?
  191. Horizontal black lines made worse by QTGMC?
  192. Post processing on analog capture to match a reference video
  193. Ghosting in MP4 Video
  194. Where to begin restoring VHS video?
  195. Capturing video: How does this plan look?
  196. Capture VHS tapes from S-VHS broadcast camcoders?
  197. Panasonic AG-8700 S-VHS VCR: a problem with TBC
  198. Kramer SP-11D built-in video detailer?
  199. Camera flash in different areas of consecutive video frames?
  200. Thank you, LORDSMURF! Using RTI TapeChek to clean tapes!
  201. jmac698's Avisynth filters [DOWNLOAD]
  202. Tracking/fluctuation problem with PAL VHS
  203. YRGB clipping at low end
  204. Purchase vectorscope, waveform monitor, or use software?
  205. Identifying artifacts, fixed with video filters?
  206. Field repeats, tearing, wobbly lines?
  207. Static, moving bars in VHS video?
  208. Top 5 plugins, filters for VHS restoration in 2017?
  209. Output both progressive and interlaced?
  210. Squiggly lines after encoding video?
  211. AVT-8710 dropped frames vs. Kramer FC-400, proc amp?
  212. Very bad video - can this be improved?
  213. JVC HM-DR10000U good VCR, spare parts available?
  214. Any experience with "Xintekvideo"?
  215. VirtualDub capture configuration, image cleanup?
  216. Panasonic AG-8700 PAL S-VHS VCR (1997)
  217. What Professional TBC can I use?
  218. Lines in captured VHS footage?
  219. Scrolling horizontal bars of differing brightness?
  220. Extron YCS 100 comb filter ... and TBC?!
  221. Excellent videos showing the exact effects of time base errors & TBC
  222. Color flicker after QTGMC deinterlace?
  223. Is this audio salvageable?
  224. Magenta Motion Blur
  225. Any experience with Kramer scaler/switchers?
  226. Black vertical tears lines in VHS?
  227. Need advice on hardware for digitizing VHS
  228. Area around line blurring on movement?
  229. For VHS to DVD, mask (crop) before other restore filters?
  230. Hi8 conversion: DVD, or BluRay?
  231. Remove wavy lines going down video?
  232. Commercial VHS capture very dark, crackling audio?
  233. Chroma bleed on capture?
  234. Have Audio But No Video After Ironing
  235. Panasonic DMR-ES10 vs. ES25 posterization?
  236. Sony Hi8 tape turns green during playback?
  237. Hardware for video restoration?
  238. Deinterlacing, help needed, video damaged?
  239. Can some1 help me to identify my VHS graphic problem?
  240. How to resize a picture?
  241. Proc amp filter adjustments, ATI capture card?
  242. How to get good quality restoring Youtube videos?
  243. Avisynth smudging. movement noise?
  244. Best way to convert MPEG2 to deinterlaced MP4 on PC?
  245. Problem removing duplicate frames?
  246. Ugly VHS video challenge! (Dec 2016)
  247. Will software deinterlacing (and scaling) be better?
  248. Advice on Capture, Faulty Svideo Cable II
  249. Flickering colours on VHS tape?
  250. Reducing vertical jitter with standalone DVD recorder?