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  1. Add a new track to a video
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  18. TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 5 causing video upside down?
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  20. Outputting VHS conversions for DVD and LCD TV
  21. Any PAL<>NTSC framerate converting tool with speed adjust?
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  31. Preserving color space, YV12 vs. RGB vs. 4:1:1 DV?
  32. Video playback: can yours do this?
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  40. Conan O'Brien mouth cut-out for interviews?
  41. Avid FreeDV 1.61 not importing files for editing using Windows 7?
  42. Building library of free images for video editing!
  43. How to convert MP3 / AAC to FLAC with quality increase?
  44. Best software for editing video?
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  46. Cropping and resolution in Handbrake, which is right?
  47. Free music and sound FX for video?
  48. Removing harcoded Sub and signature losslessly
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  50. Rip DVD audio/edit/return to DVD structure
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  55. HCEnc new version! (16 August 2015)
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  57. VirtualDub border masking? (not cropping!)
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  61. Adobe Premiere Version Validation
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  77. Best way to split audio from video
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  86. Tapco audio mixer board for converting VHS?
  87. Interlaced video to progressive (double frame rate)
  88. Motion graphic video programs?
  89. Lowering the size of a video file
  90. How do I fix out of sync audio?
  91. Can you check out of sync audio?
  92. Best way to fix out-of-sync audio?
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  97. How to convert DTS-HD MA 7.1 to WAVS (8 channels)?
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  99. New 4k Editing Codec: XAVC
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  106. Editing in VirtualDub is frame-accurate?
  107. How to splice up MP4 H.264 video?
  108. 29.97 frames vs 23.976 frames - Which do I use?
  109. How do I make a snapshot from MPEG Video?
  110. Womble MPEG-VCR (latest version) stops working in Windows 7
  111. How to remove blurred image in video?
  112. How to Properly Crop the Overscan in VirtualDub [GUIDE]
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  117. Can a Casablanca Video Editing machine be used for time base corrector (TBC) ?
  118. Simple cutter to remove segments of H.264 video without any re-encoding ?
  119. Editing with Premier Elements 8 - use .MPG or .VOB files ?
  120. Selection Tool in Sony Sound Forge?
  121. Recommend - Video Editing Software
  122. Try to fix tempered sound
  123. How to edit VOB files broken into times and not charters/videos ?
  124. Is there an alternative to Adobe Premiere?
  125. Fixing a commercial DVD I bought with audio & video out of sync
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  144. Conan O'Brian 'Lips' Video Editing Tutorial for Premiere
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  147. Edit mini HDV video cassettes to disc?
  148. Nero AAC audio codec [DOWNLOAD]
  149. How to remove black bar from top/bottom of video (widesceen in fullscreen)
  150. Simple editor that can brighten .mpg movie files
  151. Rotating a video that was shot vertically ?
  152. Automatic scene detection video editing software?
  153. Automatic segments cutting video software?
  154. How to swap audio for a dvd movie?
  155. Womble, just converting the audio to ac3
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  157. MPEG ripped from DVD plays in fast forward ?
  158. Editing with Windows Vista 64?
  159. DV vs DVCAM - best editing codec for Sony DSR-PD175P PAL camera?
  160. How to slow-mo videos, change framerates to slow it down
  161. Help with converting AC3 to AIFF on Mac
  162. Restoring audio for compilation video, mixing clips?
  163. Aspect Ratios when editing - What is AR, DAR, SAR ?
  164. Premiere CS3 settings for lossless recompiling
  165. Audio synch problems with Womble timeline
  166. Open AC3 in SoundForge - quick trick!
  167. Avid Free DV v1.6.1 Windows final release [DOWNLOAD]
  168. Questions about non-destructive deinterlacing
  169. How to Edit FLV in Adobe Premiere with low-cost plugin
  170. My collection of comparison on Premiere Pro CS4 and. CS3
  171. Extend Video Editing with Different File Formats in Timeline
  172. Creating a Credit Video
  173. Womble MPEG-VCR and MPEG Video Wizard [DOWNLOADS]
  174. Huffyuv and Premiere CS4 is not working
  175. AC3 for Dolby 5.1 vs. WAV
  176. Still clip jump
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  178. Restream MPEG Repair Tool [DOWNLOAD]
  179. Adding background music to the DVD menus
  180. Editing old DVD to make new DVDs
  181. How to create mix DVDs, compilation DVDs?
  182. PAL audio to NTSC timeframe?
  183. The Womble wobbles
  184. Premiere Elements, quick question on interlace dominance
  185. Loss of Quality of MPEGS
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  187. Need help with editing video: which software ?
  188. Varying volume
  189. End Credits - Authoring question
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  191. Ripping/Importing question
  192. Video edit theory
  193. Re syncing Audio from xvid files
  194. Importing disc question?????
  195. Screen Caps from Video
  196. Software question
  197. Blank out scenes help
  198. Avi editing question
  199. Which is better Mpeg-VCR or Video Redo?
  200. Slowing down fast video to realtime? help quick
  201. Best Hardware & Software for restoring
  202. Video censor (blur) removal
  203. Removing split screens from credits
  204. Tips for Quicktime with Sony Vegas
  205. Replace audio track
  206. Inserting writing on videos?
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  208. Any good programs for capturing audio to MP3 ?
  209. Dot-dash line removal
  210. Need major help with some dvd software
  211. Frame-accurate editing question
  212. Need pgm to extract frames from avi
  213. Help... audio?
  214. Soundforge 8.0 problems
  215. Gop probs with dvdlabpro
  216. Broken mpeg2 fixer?
  217. Demux/Elementary MPEG2 Questions: Which program? (VOBEdit vs TMPGEnc)
  218. Mpeg cutter to handle jvc lpcm?
  219. Adding subtitles
  220. Best tool to beef up sound?
  221. AVI vs mpeg
  222. How to edit/convert DVR-MS files with Premiere Elements ?
  223. DVD-Audio extraction, convert to FLAC-WAV- MP3
  224. Pinnacle 8 Deluxe, I’m falling off it.
  225. Vegas question
  226. Cut commercials from avi
  227. How do I re-author Panasonic-made DVDs ?
  228. Thumbnails for the technically challenged
  229. MP3 recording question!!!!!!
  230. Using VirtualDub for editing MPEG video
  231. Stripping Audio from MPEG
  232. Need help with remastering
  233. Audio Loss on transfer from DVDR to Computer
  234. Software question
  235. MPEG question
  236. Resizing mpeg-2 to make them dvd compliant
  237. Soundforge
  238. MPEG Editor Info: Womble MPEG-VCR vs MPEG Video Wizard vs VideoRedo
  239. Audio sync problems with Womble MPEG2VCR
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  241. Is this to good to be true from Meritline