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  1. Let's do archeology and dig up some corpses: CD reader/burner Sheep Rating
  2. Advice on buying an used Panasonic VCR
  3. Acid vapor and media conservation?
  4. Strange edges on Verbatim discs
  5. Can't get capture card to work with Virtual Dub
  6. MCC 03RG20 - Poundland Discs
  7. Correct storage for optical medias?
  8. Sony VHS tapes - Curious as to their worth
  9. Verbatim sold to CMC?
  10. Doubts about M-Disc? Worth it, but as additional copy?
  11. Store DVDs in ziplock bags with silica gel?
  12. Best speed for burn games PS2 Slim?
  13. Verbatim CD-RW, my experiences 10-15 years later?
  14. Anyone know Innovera DVD-R media?
  15. Is blank/burned optical media dying?
  16. Best glossy inkjet BD-R media?
  17. Package spindle and DVD case storage?
  18. Rodisc DVD+R DL media ID?
  19. Pre-printed Mylar hub labels better for discs?
  20. What is the best way of storing CDs/DVDs at home?
  21. Pioneer BDR-2209 better than 211 for Win7?
  22. Primera Bravo SE Ink cartridges compatible with Dymo DiscPainter?
  23. HP DVD+R 8.5Gb are good?
  24. Good DVD box for storage?
  25. Is 2TB hard drive good medium to backup analog to digital transfers?
  26. Storing DVD discs, how to archive many discs?
  27. What best speed burn MDisc DVDs?
  28. Cloud storage good or bad for long-term storage?
  29. DVD are rotting away on the shelf?
  30. CMC manufacturing Taiyo-Yuden DVDs?
  31. What is the best blank DVD-R to use in 2018?
  32. Life expectancy of disc shaped object? [April Fool!]
  33. Sony DVD-R made by CMC in Taiwan?
  34. OfficeMax review is out of date
  35. B&H Photo best for Verbatim inkjet BD-R, DVD-R, CD-R
  36. Repair, refurbish 1640 BenQ DVD burner?
  37. Verbatim AZO burns bad, hardware or media to blame?
  38. Buying Hi8 jewel cases and labels?
  39. Looking for best DVD+R blanks [SOLVED]
  40. Update needed for recomanded blank dics (BD & DVD)
  41. Storage Vacuum for optical media is good or bad?
  42. WD 1tb USB HDD not recognised by 3 media players?
  43. Ritek Ridata Blu-ray media any good?
  44. MDisc DVD-R lifespan with 90% humidity?
  45. Can't get photos off a DVD disc?
  46. Humidity degrade optical medias, MDisc?
  47. Can paint fumes harm CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays?
  48. Bad playback with lower DVD burn speeds?
  49. Top 5 external CD burners for audiophiles?
  50. Store DVD-R inside a closed plastic bag?
  51. Contaminants that destroy optical media?
  52. MDisc scanning quality: jitter, PIE, PIF?
  53. Opinion on PIE/PIF tests of my DVDs?
  54. Doubts about burning errors on DVD-R media?
  55. Decipher codes printed on Verbatim discs?
  56. Life expectancy for unburned Verbatim AZO DVD-R?
  57. DVD: jitter, PIE, PIF scanning results?
  58. "BD-DL Verbatim for VIDEO" question
  59. Liteon iHAS122 reliable to scan jitter, PIE/PIF?
  60. Doubts about Verbatim DVD-R quality, bad burns
  61. Verbatim media made in Japan?
  62. Advice on Blu-ray burner/media for Mac?
  63. Printable DVD covers, using Imgburn?
  64. Verbatim DVD-R 16X Inkjet Printable
  65. Best free software to quality scan disc, drive?
  66. Verbatim DVD-R from eBay: MCC or CMC?
  67. MDisc is more durable? Or just marketing?
  68. Taiyo or Verbatim 8.5gb media?
  69. Sony DVD-R media life expectancy?
  70. Recommend blank DVD-R in UK?
  71. Best media to store important files for many years?
  72. CMC media information is true or false?
  73. Nero DiscSpeed is good software for analyzing discs?
  74. Dye colour of Sony BD R?
  75. Problem with Sony DVD-R discs?
  76. Protect optical discs from light damage?
  77. Can smoke damage optical medias?
  78. Static charge on DVD media?
  79. Appropriate temperatures for storing optical media?
  80. Buy JVC Taiyo Yuden or MDISC is better?
  81. Which of these DVD media are the best, most durable?
  82. Best Blu-ray burner?
  83. Max temperature to preserve optical discs long-term?
  84. Best blank DVDs for burning HD video? Windows installers?
  85. Software for testing DVD drive and DVD disc?
  86. Attach USB hard drive to cable/satellite DVR as for archiving?
  87. Philips DVD media good, lasts a long time?
  88. Testing blank DVD before burning?
  89. Pushing the VHS limit: S-VHS vs. D-VHS blank tapes?
  90. Mini DVDs lose data in a few hours, won't verify?
  91. Mitsui / MAM-A gold CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are best?
  92. Need help identifying when a CD-R was burnt
  93. Any good SVHS blanks?
  94. Buy good Verbatim DVD media from AliExpress?
  95. Identify mfg. date of Philips CD-R
  96. Bye-bye Taiyo Yuden optical media!
  97. Heads Up: Change in Verbatim AZO packaging
  98. Verbatim DVD media is good? Original and not fake?
  99. Blu-Ray disc uses organic or inorganic material?
  100. What is the best free software to burn CD and DVD media?
  101. USB flash drive vs. DVD-R to store my files?
  102. CD-R to DVD+R + are DVD+R DL unreliable?
  103. Need to update firmware for DVD writer!
  104. Is this good Fantom Drive model?
  105. Longest, best quality VHS tape in SP mode?
  106. Falcon Media (FTI) DVD+R DL outstanding scan quality
  107. How do stored DVDs get scratched?
  108. Which DVD media should I buy in Brazil?
  109. Find DVD manufacturer by disc part number?
  110. Optical Quantum BD-R 4X failing validation
  111. Any place to buy VHS-C cases?
  112. How to properly store CD and DVD Media?
  113. DVD Writer recommendation
  114. How and where are commercial DVDs made?
  115. Sony/Panasonic Developing 300GB - 1TB Optical Discs
  116. DVD-R with black spots?
  117. Confused: Are gold Taiyo Yuden DVDs good? But gold is bad?
  118. Wanted: Plextor PX-B940SA Blu-ray burner
  119. Quality problems on damaged CD and DVD?
  120. Blu-ray blank DVDs to get full quality?
  121. Fungus in CD and DVD Media?
  122. What type of DVD+R DL to buy?
  123. Interesting blank disc failure
  124. Fake BD-RE media? Verbatim 50gb BD-RE has TDK media ID?
  125. Do optical disc manufacturers test durability (longevity) of media?
  126. Best current scanning drives for BD-R and DVD-R/+R, including jitter?
  127. Is Databyte brand DVD DL any good?
  128. How to identify the dye used on a DVD media?
  129. Questions: USB Blu-Ray Writers - Pawtec or Samsung
  130. How can I be sure I am getting a quality DVD burn?
  131. Concerned with scratches on DVD+R - what discs to use?
  132. Can DVD+R get infected by a fungus?
  133. Verbatim DVD-R x16 MCC 03RG20 vs MBI 01RG40
  134. Long time to burn and extract DVD data disc
  135. Question: Quality of Philips DVD+R CMC MAG M01 media?
  136. Questions: DVD durability (longevity) and DVD media quality
  137. Best write speed to use in ImgBurn?
  138. Verbatim BDXL media? Life Series or DataLifePlus?
  139. Freeware media ID tools?
  140. Does Optodisc still exist?
  141. Light Scribe DVD+R blanks any good?
  142. JVC inkjet, Philips and Fuji blank DVD-R quality?
  143. Best Branded DVD-R / DVD+R blanks in 2013?
  144. MAM-A (Mitsui) silver DVD-R/DVD+R - is it any good?
  145. How are JVC gold 'made in Japan' blank DVDs?
  146. Which Sony has archival DVD media rating?
  147. Changes in Verbatim DVD blank marketing
  148. Problems burning Verbatin 16x DVD-R?
  149. Best VHS tape - Media Comparison (continued)
  150. Need DVD sleeves to Conserve Space/Organize Disks
  151. Track Blank Media Prices on Amazon and get Price Drop Alerts
  152. Amazon price change on Verbatim DVD+R?
  153. Best blank media to use for MP4? Best mass storage device?
  154. Sony DVD+R RitekF16 as good as MBIPG101R05 Moser Baer?
  155. What are your thoughts on the Renesas MC-10131 chipset?
  156. Which is best? Sony or Sony Ritek?
  157. Problem burning EP blank DVDs on Panasonic
  158. Possible oxidation spot on pressed disc?
  159. Problem burning family movies to DVD
  160. How to properly clean DVDs?
  161. CD-R vs DVD-R for storing video files? Which SD card for storage?
  162. Software to find the media ID in OS X 10.7 and higher?
  163. Where to download DVD picture templates?
  164. Which blank BD-R and BD-RE are best to use?
  165. How do you know the media ID before buying media?
  166. Results of government testing of Blu-ray longevity (France)
  167. Why do I get bad TFT results with Verbatim DVD+R DL discs?
  168. Are the external slim optical drives reliable?
  169. Should I use an internal burner with an enclosure? Or an external burner?
  170. Verbatim Life Series DVDs, have great success
  171. $30,000 Hard Drive, Million Year Warranty
  172. CD-Recordable.com - DVD manufacturing info?
  173. Unknown dual-layer Blu-ray media ID ?
  174. Which blank DVDs should I buy for archival quality ?
  175. Pioneer DVR-X162Q DVD writer not working, won't burn DVD-R
  176. Is there burning software that ignores media errors?
  177. Blank DVD Media Discs, Good Buys: Sony, Verbatim, Asda
  178. Alternative to ImgBurn for burning data?
  179. Want DVD template with studio credits on back cover
  180. Errors on a DVD... or not? How to read blank media quality scans?
  181. Other options for blank DVDs? No Verbatim, no Taiyo Yuden available
  182. Blu-Ray for archival storage - is this Panasonic media good?
  183. MBIPG101 DVD+R DL Excessive Coasters
  184. M-Disc blank DVD media ... Any testing done?
  185. JVC Taiyo Yuden DVD-R - does it matter where the disc is made?
  186. Blu-Ray Media review coming soon?
  187. OfficeMax now sells "Life" series Verbatim blanks
  188. Where's the button to post a new forum message!?
  189. Should I buy an external recorder USB? What's recommended?
  190. JVC DRM10 disc error, can't format disc
  191. Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD's - Cake Box vs Plastic Wrap not the same discs??
  192. JVC Taiyo Yuden DVD-R - What to look for when buying?
  193. DVD Identifier database required? Runs in Windows 7?
  194. Millenniata M-DISC shows up in an unlikely place
  195. Laser Printer or Ink Jet Printer for labeling discs?
  196. Quality/Longevity of TDK RITEK-S04-66?
  197. Maxell-Ritek Blank DVD DL Media
  198. What happened to 8.5 GB DL Lightscribe media
  199. Best VHS tape - media comparison
  200. Mitsubishi outsourcing all disc production?
  201. Good service to repair/resurface badly scratched CD ?
  202. What is the relevance of country for DVD media ?
  203. JVC Premium DVD blank media now sold at Publix
  204. Verbatim TTH02 vs MCC 03RG20
  205. Are double layer DVDs as good as single layer DVDs ?
  206. CD media guide could help many
  207. DVD not playing back and freezing up
  208. Marketing changes coming to Verbatim media?
  209. Reputable blank media manufactures from China ?
  210. Verbatim discs for compatibility, archival/very long-lasting, performance ?
  211. White DVDs unreliable in some recorders?
  212. Advice for Blu Ray burner for Mac Pro
  213. Quality of BDR Panasonic blank Blu-ray discs - Any good?
  214. Review on quality of BD-R and BD-RE? Same as DVD media?
  215. Kodak DVDR quality? Kodak discs any good?
  216. Is 8x DVD inherently better than 16X?
  217. Verbatim or TDK - the same Blu-ray manufacturer ?
  218. Need to find out when a CD-R was created based on serial/dye numbers on disc
  219. Rima.com user reviews, satisfied customer from NYC
  220. DVD Quallity Review Using Nero
  221. Good vs Bad DVD writer drives (LG vs Sony burner)
  222. PATA burner, pre-SATA optical drives for Mac computers?
  223. JVC Taiyo Yuden DVD-R, best from Rima.com or somebody else?
  224. Are these Verbatim discs the good ones? (Good prices for blank DVDs!)
  225. Millenniata's M-Disc and Cranberry DiamonDisc?
  226. Advice(s) for a Blu ray burner
  227. Exotic BD-R media (your experiences)
  228. Odd looking Taiyo Yuden recording surface
  229. Problem burning Memorex blank DVDs
  230. What is Verbatim 97459?
  231. Software that does NOT work for recovering CD/DVD media
  232. Verbatim still first class, best blank DVD in 2011 ?
  233. Which would be the Best Brand of Lightscribe DVD-R from this list?
  234. What DVD Cases Do You Use?
  235. Reusing D-VHS Tapes. Good idea; bad idea?
  236. Need a Second Opinion on Sony DVD+R's
  237. B&H Photo and Video, best place to buy DVD media?
  238. LG DVD Branding Data information
  239. Need Help Finding Verbatim AZO/DataLifePlus or JVC/TY Lightscribe CD-R's
  240. What's best surface for writing on - inkjet or thermal?
  241. Best Bluray burner for BD-R, and best Blu-ray disc player?
  242. Issue with newly purchased Sony DVD+R
  243. I cannot find information for AMERICOPY
  244. Dual Layer Taiyo Yuden Dvds (inkjet printable), Where to buy?
  245. Blank Blu-Ray media recommendations
  246. Taiyo Yuden: difference between premium, hardcoat and regular?
  247. Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x blank discs at Best Buy (made in Singapore)
  248. Questions on new Verbatim purchase... / blank DVDs
  249. RCA DRC 8030N recorder + Sony and Memorex blank DVDs
  250. What blank DVD brand will burn with HP DVD writer 1140i ? Memorex RitekF not working