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  1. Starting project, VHS to digital, is this good setup?
  2. Capturing old VHS videos?
  3. AIW build specs?
  4. Simple Budget Setup for VHS to Mac
  5. General Overview of My Current Process
  6. Capture PCIe card vs. USB, ATI vs. Pinnacle?
  7. Workflows/Services for video transfer of VHS/VHS-C/Super8/Digital8?
  8. How many VCR decks do you have for capture?
  9. ATI Theater 200 chip REFERENCE INFORMATION (datasheet, website)
  10. Opinions on audio card for VHS transfer
  11. Good Panasonic VCR for PAL VHS-C tapes?
  12. Storing VHS tapes flat or vertical?
  13. More OS details for preferred Win XP SP2 build?
  14. What to do with these Betacam tapes?
  15. Opinions on For.A FA-310P TBC?
  16. TBC or not to be?!
  17. Edit/restore videos on capture computer or another?
  18. Workflow suggestions: home movies, all VHS, different formats?
  19. Equipment Setup. Help needed.
  20. VHS/8mm/MiniDV capture workflow on Windows 7 Pro?
  21. Steps to digitize MiniDV-SVHS-Beta collection? Windows OS?
  22. MiniDV/Hi8/VHS capture workflow on Windows 10 Pro? (1809)
  23. Molex to SATA power adapter fire hazard?
  24. Conversion workflow audio: Turtle Bay Santa Cruz v. Creative Audigy 2?
  25. Proper audio connections in workflow?
  26. Advice needed: finalizing brand-new capture workflow?
  27. Using ATI AIW 9800 Card For Monitor
  28. What is the worst workflow imaginable?
  29. Hi8 and MiniDV conversion workflow: assumptions, questions?
  30. Will the DMR-ES10 benefit my particular workflow?
  31. VHS to digital, newbie overwhelmed!
  32. Workflow after lossless capture? (VHS to DVD)
  33. Guidance for DIY high quality Hi8/Digital8 conversion?
  34. Windows XP SP2 needed?
  35. ATI All In Wonder PCIe workflow?
  36. Capturing via DVD/VHS Recorder combo?
  37. Requesting help with aspect ratios for processing and output
  38. Adding a Waveform / Vectorscope to workflow
  39. Best ATI capture card? TV Wonder 600 vs. 650?
  40. PCIE audio card options?
  41. ATI AIW 2006 PCIE acceptable? (Archiving VHS, tentative workflow)
  42. PopSci Article: How to Decimate (er, Digitize) Your VHS Collection!
  43. Mixed VHS to Win10 computer conversion? (build feedback?)
  44. Workflow Windows OS for ATI PCI-e card?
  45. Best color-accurate video editing computer monitor?
  46. Decide between workflows, EZcap vs. VC500, with examples?
  47. Help planning VHS capture project, best VCRs?
  48. VHS/VHS-C PAL project workflow?
  49. VCR buying and workflow advice
  50. Large home video project, don't know where to start?
  51. Video capture workflow, some final questions?
  52. Finding ATI MMC for AIW X1800?
  53. How difficult is it to stand up a Win10 x64 workflow?
  54. What is good enough with respects to VHS memories?
  55. Win XP friendly laptop to pair with ATI AIW USB?
  56. Is this a reasonable price? A bit lost...
  57. What to look for when inspecting tapes before playing?
  58. Diamond VC500: too much of a compromise?
  59. Panasonic NV-FS200, Panasonic NV-HS1000 or JVC HM-DR10000?
  60. Codecs: What am I losing?
  61. Wide display gamut monitor for TV standards
  62. Necessary hardware for capturing VHS?
  63. Workflow advise for streaming media library?
  64. Best program and hardware for capturing VHS?
  65. Signal quality: component vs. s-video connection?
  66. Help choosing a high-quality VHS VCR?
  67. What workflow for beta/VHS/Hi8?
  68. VHS archiving project, feedback wanted, where to buy TBC?
  69. YouTube downloading, conversion to disc, clean up picture?
  70. Usefulness of a Roxio UB315-E USB capture dongle?
  71. VHS to 2011 MacBook Pro workflow, JVC to HDMI?
  72. Anyone using Professional Video Monitors? (PVMs)
  73. Fungus/mold on VHS, safe to put in VCR?
  74. Should be obvious, but check the basics first (bad s-video cable!)
  75. Where should I begin, Video8/Hi8 to digital transfers?
  76. Why use external TBC with JVC VHS internal TBC?
  77. Transfering US VHS (NTSC) via PAL VCR to DV?
  78. Convert proprietary video to another format?
  79. Appropriate workflow for Hi-8 Sony 8mm cassette?
  80. Capture card and TBC that both works for PAL?
  81. Let Youtube encode interlaced VHS capture?
  82. Fix for problems running Avisynth's RemoveDirtMC
  83. Storage/backups for large VHS-to-digital project?
  84. Can I capture to external hard drive via USB?
  85. JVC S-VHS VCR: HR-S9500U vs. 9911U vs. DVS3U?
  86. Best way to get highest quality video from VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV?
  87. Recommend a good clip library manager?
  88. SDI capture from Snell & Wilcox Mach1
  89. VHS to Blu-Ray workflow advice
  90. 21:9 footage output to 16:9 project in Vegas Pro 14
  91. Vegas 13 does not open GoPro 4:3 4K
  92. Convert VHS/Hi8 to digital without TBC?
  93. Workflow usage: video capture, saving, playback, conversion?
  94. Ripping VHS, picking a capture card, TBC?
  95. Software workflow advice, VHS to digital - next step?
  96. Options for DVD transfer, TBCs?
  97. Relation between tape length and recording time?
  98. Best video capturing cards for PAL?
  99. Help finding AGP Motherboard for video capture?
  100. Workflow for VHS to DVD with JVC HR-S9800?
  101. Synchronizing video signal (genlock) in VHS workflow?
  102. Settings for capturing old compact (S)VHS tapes?
  103. Need color range capture review
  104. A Warning On Lagarith
  105. VHS-to-file hardware review, codecs, audio suggestions?
  106. Can I use my old Beta equipment as TBC?
  107. Setup advice for VHS to Computer conversion
  108. VCR auto shut-off on VHS tapes?
  109. Audio jumper for ATI AIW 7500 and other capture cards?
  110. 2nd opinion on S-VHS digitizing with AJA card?
  111. Edit, enhance and archival encode of MPEG-2 M2T container files
  112. SVHS PAL AVI cropping/resize/filters suggestion
  113. VHS to .mkv/.avi/.mpg on Win7 Pro SP1 machine?
  114. DVDstyler/MMC encoded MPEG-2
  115. Hardware setup question for PAL Uncompressed
  116. Workstation GPU Video Management
  117. Advice: Archiving 8mm, VHS, MiniDV tapes (long-term project)
  118. How split 60 minute clips with no time marks?
  119. Getting digital data from Cmos camera
  120. Minidv to PC recommendation
  121. Does PC have Enough Power for capture
  122. AIW x1900 or AIW x1800, which ATI card works in Windows 7?
  123. Archiving with Matrox MXO2 and JVC VCRs?
  124. Help choosing the proper VHS capturing workflow?
  125. Capture VHS to lossless, ATI AIW 8500 with laptop?
  126. Is this a good plan? (PAL VHS workflow)
  127. Help with hooking up video setup
  128. AVI capture seems the best for me!
  129. Video file playback software is a middleman?
  130. Some questions about old and new iMovie versions
  131. Please review my video capture setup!
  132. Archiving hundreds of home videos: advice?
  133. Need sage advice: capture cards, TBC, VCRs, pulling hair out!
  134. Windows XP workstation for video capture?
  135. Good VHS capture device for Windows 10?
  136. My Successful Project! (VHS capturing)
  137. Before I start: s-video cables, interference, resolution?
  138. Moving forward with video project: Advice?
  139. Need help Converting VHSC & Hi8 to DVD and Cloud
  140. Encoding from Huffyuv?
  141. Project about to start
  142. Home video digitizing project, any tips?
  143. VHS home movie capture setup critique?
  144. How to organize my Video PC projects?
  145. One player deck, and one recorder deck, or just one do-it-all deck?
  146. How to organize Video PC folders?
  147. Recommended A/D converter for PAL VHS conversion?
  148. Confused about video archiving media, codecs and containers
  149. Huffyuv vs. Cineform video capture?
  150. Setup and cabling advice for Panasonic S-VHS VCR?
  151. JVC HM-DSR100U vs. JVC SR-W5U
  152. Re-thinking my current capture cables and power set-up!
  153. Poor-man's monitor calibration techniques?
  154. Avidemux: How to process and save video files?
  155. New to video capture, but learning + Dazzle DVC100?
  156. Open RGB Calculator/Freeware for calibrating?
  157. Complete beginner just joined!
  158. Panasonic VCR vs. JVC VCR + my capture rig
  159. Help with Beta conversion workflow/equipment
  160. NTSC gamut vs WinXP and Ati AIW card
  161. Where to send VHS tapes with mold?
  162. VHS capture setup feedback - more equipment needed?
  163. AG1980 and color smear on motion
  164. PAL tape conversion to NTSC
  165. Need help selecting TBC, capture card, and PC
  166. HuffYUV/Lagarith YUY2 not working with VirtualDub/Premiere?
  167. Archival project: need JVC SR-W5U or SR-W7U VCR
  168. My ATI 9600XT custom dongle mounting!
  169. Patchbay suggestion for a/v installation?
  170. Archiving home videos - DIY or professional conversion?
  171. Considering PAL equipment to digitize live tapes
  172. Kat-Guard to keep them away from equipment/wires
  173. A Cooler AV Toolbox TBC! (custom cooling mods!)
  174. My new video workstation set-up! (Bad Rockovids!)
  175. Windows XP video 'capture' PC vs. Windows 7 video 'Edit' PC?
  176. VHS-C to digital video (conversion), need advice!
  177. ViewSonic monitor model number prefixes
  178. Good IPS monitor for viewing video?
  179. Monitor buying decisions - IPS? ViewSonic vs Dell?
  180. What hardware/software to copy Hi8 to DVD?
  181. Convert VHS to MP4 files (H.264-AAC mono) - suggestions?
  182. What's an "IPS" Monitor? and LED VS LCD
  183. Raw VHS AVI filter and MP4 encoding workflow?
  184. Difference between the JVC HR-S7600 and HR-S7600U?
  185. Good setup for converting video and audio tapes?
  186. Info On Panasonic AG-2200
  187. JVC, Panasonic or Sony - Which one to buy?
  188. Audio Mixer for Home Videos?
  189. Is the remote mandatory for HR-9900U JVC VCR?
  190. Two 23" Computer monitors best way to go?
  191. Hitachi VCR for VHS-C transfer - best workflow?
  192. Huffyuv YUY2 AVI to Blu-ray conversion? (and TBC samples!)
  193. What do you convert your VHS, S-VHS, Hi8 home videos to?
  194. Confused: Best conversion method for Hi8 and 8mm video?
  195. VHS and S-VHS VCR comparisons (please contribute!)
  196. Help planning my workflow: 8mm, Hi8, DV, MiniDV, VHS
  197. S-video via 21 pin SCART - Is it pointless?
  198. Color calibrating your monitor? (Seeing "true" color of your video captures)
  199. PAL tapes to MPEG2 DVD and x264 MPEG4 - Suggestions?
  200. MiniDV camcorders as TBC? + VCR questions
  201. Finally think I have an acceptable work flow!
  202. Best settings to save an AVI in VirtualDub filtered from Avisynth?
  203. What order for my hardware workflow?
  204. VHS to DVD with $150 budget?
  205. Preparing to transfer 100s of family videos, need advice!
  206. How can you tell when your VCR needs to be cleaned?
  207. Where to get Hi8 tapes converted? Canopus DV unsatisfactory!
  208. Recover VHS tapes for converting? My dog ate them!
  209. Equipment and process needs for entire VHS project
  210. Novice Seeking DVD Creation Advice
  211. Converting Super 8 film to digital format?
  212. Converting VHS tapes to Digital - which way to go? PC or Mac?
  213. Betamax VCR with SCART, no s-video? Converter or use composite?
  214. My TV doesn't have s-video! Product/model suggestions?
  215. VHS capturing workflow - need confirmation, is this good?
  216. Need some advice with VHS to digital project
  217. Best program for converting (burning) AVI to DVD?
  218. Problems transferring HD video to DVD
  219. Use LCD TV or computer monitor?
  220. ATI AIW 650 PCI compatibility with my motherboard?
  221. Help converting VHS to DVD with the best tools!
  222. Upgraded VCR ... now what? Confused on how to set up
  223. Try to improve on my basic video conversion process?
  224. How to test time base correctors? (TBCs)
  225. UK choices for TBC? (timebase corrector)
  226. Best video monitor! 42" LCD TV vs small computer monitor?
  227. Will laptop be powerful enough to capture video?
  228. Online backup without uploading?
  229. Which format should I capture to? AVI, MPEG, other?
  230. Have some VHS hardware, looking for missing pieces
  231. Which ATI capture card to get? Which TBC?
  232. Who wants to compare our VCRs?
  233. Transferring home movies from VHS camcorder (A New Beginning!)
  234. Recommend a UK VHS to HDD transfer service?
  235. Recommend Viewsonic VP2365 LED IPS display monitor?
  236. Archiving Video Format for Capturing VHS
  237. Need advice on playback devices for digitizing home movies?
  238. Mold on VHS Cassette - How to deal with it?
  239. Bast way to convert VHS to DVD ?
  240. Huffyuv workflow for editing
  241. Absolute beginner needs advice with VHS-C videotapes
  242. ADVC-100 vs. ADVC-300 sufficient for capture?
  243. Where do you Keep All Your Videos ??
  244. MPEG-2 videos to DVD - Good Free Software?
  245. Digitizing VHS-C tapes - VCR questions
  246. Tascam DA-20 problems? Or soundcard/computer related issues?
  247. Help with Panasonic and Hauppage workflow.
  248. VHS to DVD transfers - whats best in UK?
  249. Hi8 vs Digital8 Sony camcorder for playback of tapes?
  250. Workflow for Hi8 Conversion to h.264-10bit video