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  1. Best practice for S-Video Hi8 from Handycam to Davinci Resolve?
  2. Best practice advice for S-Video Hi8 to Davinci Resolve
  3. VirtualDub not capturing?
  4. Multi source video capture?
  5. S-video or BNC output for Sony EVO-9850?
  6. Confused by aspect ratios?
  7. First VHS capture, lot of film jumping?
  8. Stuttering during VirtualDub capture with Easycap?
  9. Frame drops, video stuttering while capturing using built-in TBC?
  10. Digitalizing Video8/Hi8 to Mac?
  11. JVC TBC always stabilizes s-video output?
  12. About Studio 1 Productions PA-200 for PAL?
  13. Which capture card among these options for VHS?
  14. Toshiba DVD recorder good as JVC FR mode?
  15. Does a Sony DSC-1024HD do time base correction?
  16. AIW in Windows 7?
  17. A VirtualDub work-a-like for the Mac ??
  18. 720x576 vs 702x576, PAR confusion?
  19. Mold or oil on videotapes?
  20. Video8 capture jaggy lines, editing?
  21. VirtualDub Audio sounds like slow record
  22. Capture from HDMI or whatever
  23. Goodman UK VCR input problem
  24. Banding on VHS Transfer
  25. Cypress AVT-8710 Green model removes Macrovision?
  26. Aspect ratio problem, AIW 9000 and 9200?
  27. I'm done with AIW/XP/VirtualDub capture? Maybe?
  28. Issue with VHS to digital conversion - thick discolored stripe
  29. Capturing old football matches?
  30. Should I keep my Panasonic DMR-EH55
  31. Can't get a NTCS signal through Vitual Dub
  32. Issues with audio quality
  33. Modern AV to HDMI is now the best method?
  34. Trying to teach benefits of lossless?
  35. Method to Bypassing Macrovision on the cheap - PAL to NTSC Converter
  36. ATI All in Wonder 9800 pro
  37. Dell dimension 8100 computer
  38. What rackmount TBC to buy for VHS?
  39. ATI X600Pro, X800XT, X800XL - silver stab connectors?
  40. Best settings or filters for ATI AIW setup?
  41. That (other) Theater 200 capture card?
  42. Panasonic DMR-EZ49V has time base correction?
  43. My first setup: frame TBC, capture card?
  44. Unknown VHS-C capture colour issue?
  45. How to capture analog video, buying HDMI card + converter?
  46. VHS Capture Issue
  47. Chromatic "burn-in" with AG-1980 VCR
  48. Cause of buzzy audio on old 8mm tapes?
  49. Santa Cruz recording problems, ATI 600 USB volume amp?
  50. JVC SR-MV45 has trouble displaying s-video?
  51. System Freeze with VirtualDub During Configuration
  52. An update to my VHS conversion project, still problems?
  53. Clipped audio levels during capture with multiple hardware?
  54. VirtualDub constant audio problems with 1080i captures?
  55. Highend miniDV capture device?
  56. Panasonic NV-FS200 seller
  57. Capturing MPEG-2 with VC500, Cyberlink?
  58. JVC DR-MV5s: Direct to DVD dubbing vs Capture Card
  59. VC500 usages and quality questions?
  60. Another ATI USB dongle found, Mac/Win, VirtualDub compatible
  61. JVC HR-S9600U video quality looks terrible?
  62. VHS and Mini DV capturing?
  63. Capture with AVR+HDMI vs. analog capture device?
  64. SVHS or composite output?
  65. How should the SMPTE color bars be used on VHS?
  66. Fix for silent ATI AIW USB 2.0N?
  67. Hi8 Tape stays on reel while ejecting?
  68. Anyone know of Mac-only Grass Valley ADVC Mini?
  69. Convert Hi8 tapes recorder in mono sound?
  70. Why choose vintage ATI card over USB dongles?
  71. VT adjust, error causing dropped frames in VirtualDub?
  72. SV-5000W to capture NTSC in Germany?
  73. Opinion on a Sony PVW-2650 Betacam player?
  74. JVC SR-MV45 distorted audio when playing linear audio on SLP tapes?
  75. Virtualdub vs TMPEGEnc Resolution/Aspect Ratio Differences
  76. Initial captures with VirtualDub; what else needed besides TBC?
  77. VHS picture format: reading, technical image artifacts?
  78. Digitising Video8 Hi8: original camcorder or Digital8 camcorder?
  79. What to watch for when unboxing a JVC HR-S9911U?
  80. AIW HD 3650 capture kit or header pinouts?
  81. Sanity check, naming/managing files during capture/edit?
  82. Sony uses lossy or lossless codecs?
  83. VHS tape spool is locking up?
  84. Rendering material to an external disk?
  85. Bit depth of VHS video, capture cards?
  86. Hi8 and VHS-C captures, no sound using Canopus ADV 110 on Mac?
  87. Best lossy capturing software to us with VC500?
  88. Any benefit to using an ES10/ES15 with a JVC S9800U?
  89. Best VirtualDub version to capture from analog signal?
  90. Capturing VHS: Audio to AIW 9800 Pro vs. audio to sound card?
  91. VHS-C tape damaged physically?
  92. DVD recorder advise before purchase, capture resolution?
  93. Problems with ATI AIW USB and VirtualDub?
  94. Image format/resolutions of recordings in VHS format?
  95. Audio signal as video input?
  96. Any experience with JVC SVHS/DVD recorder combo units?
  97. Adjustments on waveform monitors?
  98. Laserdisc capture: What is this line at the top?
  99. Disk space to capture losslessly in AVI?
  100. Dropped frames, AV sync errors in VirtualDub? (no TBC)
  101. Sony DCR-PC10 Capture
  102. Reading VHS, S-VHS tape through a VCR?
  103. VHS to digital on a $150 budget?
  104. VirtualDub and Directshow Crossbars - restoring missing sound
  105. Canopus ADVC-110/300 vs. ATI AIW/600 USB comparisons?
  106. Proc Amp Use Cases and Guide
  107. Currently available VHS convertor?
  108. Questions about Digital8 analogue output
  109. Capture card hardware compression filters -discovery
  110. BetacamSX archiving project
  111. No Sony decks to recommend?
  112. VirtualDub - shortcut to Capture Mode and Preview modes
  113. Issues capturing VHS tapes, how to do better?
  114. Comparison of BE75 and Aja-IOLA capture devices?
  115. Editing using uncompressed RGB/YCbCr capture?
  116. Panasonic ES15 duplicate frames? Alert, problem!
  117. Inserted frames from Hauppage, not VC500?
  118. Geneva PF-740? Tape rewinder-cleaner for moldy tapes?
  119. Use Cypress 1T-TBC or Datavideo TBC-1000?
  120. ATI AIW USB no audio?
  121. When picture jumps, capture device blacks out?
  122. Audio sync problems on Hi8 tapes?
  123. Capture from JVC SR-VS30U - VHS using DV?
  124. Horizontal adjust?
  125. Hauppauge HD PVR 1212 - a good choice in 2019?
  126. Drivers for ATI All-in-Wonder 9000 Pro not installing correctly?
  127. VirtualDub 8mm/Hi-8 PAL and NTSC questions?
  128. How to connect BetacamSP to RCA phono plug?
  129. VHS upscaling to HD?
  130. Added an Admiral JSJ 20451 - audio question
  131. Advice: Is this tape beyond saving?
  132. Capture Settings for Beta Video
  133. Detailed instructions for capturing with histograms?
  134. Recommendations for capturing from JVC HR-S7900U?
  135. How do you connect to ATI AIW 9600 Pro?
  136. LD capture resolution and ATI 600 clones?
  137. Datavideo TBC-1000 outputs?
  138. AmaRecTV advanced tab settings?
  139. High end CCD-TR or CCD-TRV (PAL)?
  140. Is UK PAL-I compatible with Europe PAL (S)VHS players?
  141. Using a PAL VCR player in the US?
  142. Recording old VHS tape on computer, post clean-up?
  143. New IsoBuster support for Magnavox 515,535,557, JVC progress
  144. VHS capture with a Mac mini and AJA Io LA?
  145. Bad tape or dirty heads?
  146. Hanover bars: Should they always look the same?
  147. TBC-1000 front panel cover?
  148. JVC SR-S388E (PAL model) has frame TBC?
  149. MiniDV/VHS archive, what settings to use?
  150. Panasonic E100 DVR: method to restore swapped drive, old recordings?
  151. Audio out of sync when burning DVD but not on PC
  152. Is the [VCR Input] box on the 700-USB a "line TBC" ?
  153. Example Captures: good/bad VCR with/without TBC
  154. DMR-ES15 passthrough functions?
  155. Rolling/jumping picture on Panasonic VCR?
  156. How good or bad are USB capturing sticks?
  157. TBC in JVC HR-S7600U not good enough?
  158. Convert VHS Sound Issue
  159. Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U maintenance?
  160. JVC plays LP speed blurrier than SP or EP?
  161. Screen flicker with TBC connected?
  162. Ultimate PC spec for VirtualDub?
  163. Fascinating description: Why use a TBC for playback?
  164. Hauppauge USB-Live 2, VirtualDub unable to start capture?
  165. New ISOBuster supports Panasonic DVR recordings from HDD to PC
  166. How to get rid of "ghost images" when capturing?
  167. Getting Capture Levels Right (Proc Amp Settings)
  168. Which Huffyuv version, how to install Windows 10 x64?
  169. Digitizing Hi8 tapes needs a TBC?
  170. VHS archiving project, nothing but problems?
  171. Deinterlacing noise at the bottom of Top fields?
  172. VHS capture not interlaced as expected?
  173. Sound mess with 0 frame drops?
  174. MiniDV capture/transfer with Pinnacle USB box?
  175. Image from camcorder not in VirtualDub?
  176. Video8 transfer quality problems?
  177. ATI All-In-Wonder 7500 AGP driver installation fail?
  178. What's going on with my AG-1980? Compared with JVC V10U
  179. Best PCIe capture card for VHS?
  180. Basic VHS capture quality?
  181. DVR dubbing status report, ISOBuster research
  182. New ISOBuster supports Pioneer DVR recordings from HDD to PC
  183. Is Datavideo DVK-200 same as DVK-100 for VHS capture?
  184. Capturing with Pioneer DVRs direct to PC + accident
  185. MiniDV transfer tearing errors? (with sample)
  186. Understanding TFS2 from DVD recorders is on hiatus
  187. Toshiba RDXS35 - CompactFlash works as a HDD, copy to PC is smooth
  188. Multi Camera and External Microphone Set UP
  189. Using an SD card as an HDD in the Polaroid 2001G DVR?
  190. Audio issues during VHS transfer?
  191. Using the Plextor M402U, PX-TV402 with VDub, looking for ISO?
  192. Panasonic NV-HS1000 better than JVC HR-S7955?
  193. VirtualDub green screen problem?
  194. Polaroid 2001G recordings from HDD to a PC
  195. HDV 1080i transfer to hard drive?
  196. Composite vs. s-video output mod, image quality comparision
  197. Tevion High Speed DVD Maker (Aldi)
  198. Horizontal/scrambled lines in VirtualDub in preview
  199. Trying to digitize Russian SECAM tapes, B&W video?
  200. Audio drifts out of sync with VirtualDub capture?
  201. Hi8 cassette digitizing, what to do, adapters?
  202. Black screen on AIW X600 Pro composite/svideo inputs?
  203. Need TBC that works with FireWire 800, digitize tapes?
  204. JVC HM-DR10000 (PAL) or JVC HR-S9600 (PAL) for S-VHS & VHS transfer?
  205. Pinnacle MovieBox freezing with VirtualDub capturing?
  206. How to extract recordings from the Philips/Magnavox, RCA HDD to PC
  207. Recommendations for a cheap TBC under $100?
  208. Fixing aspect ratio on VirtualDub?
  209. Archived MPEG-2 10-20 mbps, later as DVD?
  210. VirtualDub 1.9.11, Huffyuv 2.1.1, Windows 10 issue
  211. Hi-8 Capture chain quality critique / advice
  212. VirtualDub2 vs VirtualDub 1.9 or 1.10. 64 vs 32?
  213. Audio popping on home vhs tapes but not retail vhs tapes
  214. Konig video grabber USB2, Windows 10?
  215. No VirtualDub monitor showing on Windows 10
  216. Building PC for AIW 9800 Pro?
  217. Stereo tape but mono capture: Does it matter?
  218. Panasonic ES10 and ES15 the same for passthrough?
  219. How to copy Philips 3575 / Magnavox 513 DVD recordings to PC?
  220. Digiwave and Vidicraft TBCs?
  221. VirtualDub 1.9.11 + Filters with Windows 10
  222. Best VCR for playing VHS on BVM/PVM with BNC connectors?
  223. Hi8 analog or digital playback for capture?
  224. Is VCR blue screen a reference point?
  225. Digital 8 camcorder stopped reading tape?
  226. BrightEye 75 first lossless capture
  227. Recommendations for capturing Video8/Hi8 and VHS
  228. How to transfer DV and HDV content in 2019?
  229. Any stand-alone aspect ratio converters worth trying?
  230. Sony RDR-AT200 DVD recorder as TBC, capture via HDMI?
  231. Tips: Replacing the HDD on a JVC DR-MX1
  232. Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor, usage updates
  233. EasyCap s-video worse than composite?
  234. AIW 9600 with TB Santa Cruz, no XP audio settings?
  235. Betamax transfer deck needs s-video?
  236. The effect of noise on compression?
  237. How to avoid scenes cut combed frames on capture?
  238. Capture VHS to digital cropped?
  239. Decoding VHS RF signal in software?
  240. How to copy Toshiba RD-XS recordings to a PC?
  241. Is This ATI AIW Card Suitable
  242. PowerDirector 17 not finding ATI USB 600 card?
  243. Three tips about the ATI USB 2.0N (AIW USB)
  244. ATI Theater 550 Pro capture filter not showing PAL-N?
  245. Recommendations for s-video switch/splitter?
  246. Which AIW 9600 and TB Santa Cruz connections required?
  247. Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor, Creative Video Blaster Editor for capture?
  248. AIW MPEG-2 capture from VHS for DVD-9?
  249. Dirty Hi8 heads? Best and safest way to clean?
  250. X75 TBC proc amp calibration, VHS alignment tape?