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12-18-2019, 07:34 PM
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I purchased this JVC-MV45 (Getting shipped out tomorrow so I do not have possession of it yet) and noticed it has a mystery port on it that looks to be a PS2 port I believe. It appears to have been installed in a professional/quality way (On the exterior at least). As soon as I get the unit I will open it up to see where and how the port is wired but figured I'd ask all of the experts if they have any idea on what the port would be.

Initially I thought, did someone find a way to insert a Frame TBC in between the VCR and DVD of the unit but that's not likely the case. Did someone just wire a mouse port to this unit?

-- update --

I found the answer on this post. Admin, feel free to delete the thread.

SR-MV45/MV55 suitablity for EP lossless capture?

Its got a somewhat familar "aftermarket" mod in the rear near the power cord. Sports casters often soldered wires from the front face panel to the LED sensor on the front to a PS/2 connector in the back, then drilled a 1/4" hole in the back panel near the power cord to provide access. It makes me sad. I would have prefered this beautiful piece of machinery to remain unmodified. Its also kind of redundant since the [Remote In] two wire port on the right side at the back was essentially for the same thing.. JVC just didn't document the fact well at all.. and people redid the whole thing for naught. I think it was all for gaining a wired remote feature.. which it already had. That.. or extending the IR sensor to an additional one where the IR remote was going to be used.

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01-08-2020, 02:32 AM
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Understand that those "extra ports" can often disable the OEM functions, including remotes (which are required for proper operation for capturing VHS). The mod is not easily reversible, and sometimes not reverisble at all.

So be wary.

There were at least 3 common mods done to the MV VHS/DVD models by college/HS sports facilities. The mod was done by common sports video production companies.

It's also a common sign that the unit was ridden hard, and has zero maintenance. I've seen more bad decks than good, which had this modification. Heads are very often shredded, and thus have tracking issues, and the decks garner F/C/B ratings on my deck grading scale.

Again, beware.

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