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07-10-2020, 07:29 PM
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First and foremost, I'm fairly confident this thing is beyond my ability to repair. More specifically, I'd rather just get someone who's already experienced at this to do it. I checked the sticky, but it seems out of date. I've already tried contacting TGrant Photo, but they said they don't work on these. Jots is closed forever, it seems. And StantonTVRepair doesn't list VCRs on their site.

I've been using this to slowly work my way through my old family tapes, it's been working fine for a while, but recently took a turn for the worse.
-Some tapes started getting stuck when inserting. Specifically the adaptor I need to use. It is possible to give it some assistance and have the tape seat properly, but it's finicky. I certainly have no intent to force it and possibly break something.
-the menu and its sub-menus overlap each other on screen, making it almost impossible to read.
-some tapes won't show video properly. It'll display "Calibrating video" on screen, then just go blank. These tapes played just fine a few months ago.
-the sound peaks on certain tapes. That is, the volume level goes too high and begins to click or becomes distorted. Again, not something it did a few months ago.

Unless these are super common problems and are fixed by whacking the thing on the side (which I've not tried) then I'm not sure how to proceed. I'd buy another one, but if I can get this fixed, that might be better.

Are the above items feasible repairs for someone with no knowledge of repairing VCRs? (I think I know the answer)
Where can I get this thing repaired properly?
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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07-20-2020, 01:19 AM
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I have a parts/donor deck that I'd consider selling. I don't want to repair this model anymore. No guarantees that'd be the fix, but it doesn't have the same issues you do.

Adapter? Never capture VHS-C in a JVC. (Well, almost never. Definitely NOT this model deck!)

Menu overlap?
Do you have a frame TBC in the chain?
What you describe is classic bad "black" AVT-8710 issue (and multiple Cypress models suffer from this).

Calibration needs to be turned off in menu, same for superimpose.

Volume may be deck damage. Unsure at this point. Need more info on source tapes. Need to run process of elimination.

It may not be damaged much, or at all. In that case, maybe I'd consider it. Maybe. Probably not.

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