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07-31-2020, 12:59 AM
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so i have this panasonic ag-ds555 svhs vcr so i got it an powered it on had cap problem said low rf amazingly the tbc boards work fine altho it was serviced 2004 an i would of been 5 when that was done so i recaped the video in out board an the video y/c board total of probaly 100 capacitors ipower on the machine an put in a normal vhs tape an wet to play it back there was a picture had to adjust the alignment alittlke to get the picture perfect so im like ok that working now let me put a svhs in so put in a svhs in the vcr an hit play it says low rf an im like how all the elctroletics are replaced an f i turn off tbc there no signal at all the tv just goes into snow cause it thinks there no signalthe only caps i didnt replace are the 22uf an luf bipolar capacitors so im just puzzled i did put a few rong capacitors on the board with wrong value but corrected it when im in tbc an hit pause there weird colorad pictures type things showing they almost lkook like realy screwed up picture an another thing i was playing a tape on it an it was at the end of the tape it did the same thing it was doing svhs when it detects no picture signal on the tape it compltly loses signal so makes me wonder if it thinks the svhs tape is blank recording when theres stuff on them an i basicly poked a hole in a normal vhs tape to get svhs idk if that why it dont play also if anyone dose anyone know were the svhs circuitry would be located on one of these baords an if anyone has the service manual can i have a copy im so close to fising this machine
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07-31-2020, 06:32 AM
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Please break up "walls of text" into paragraphs, if you want others to read and help. It also need punctuation. You just wrote a single sentence that spanned a dozen lines, and I cannot follow along with what you're writing/asking.

Try again, reply here, I'll merge the posts.

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