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Dukesilver 09-18-2020 02:36 AM

VCR not allowing tape insert?
I have just picked up an Orion 9" TV/VCR combo to convert some old VHS tapes.

The unit was working well and I had viewed some tapes with no problems, then I put in a tape (which had a slight wrinkle in it) and when I tried to remove it, it did not eject correctly. The tape was still unreeled and had caught on one of the knobs inside the VCR. I was able to remove the tape without any drama, but now when I try to insert another, it does not go in.

I have managed to take the unit apart and get access to the loading mechanism, but I am outside of my expertise now and can't work out what is going wrong/needs to be fixed. It seems as though the unit is locked in the wrong position, as there doesn't seem to be any broken or loose parts.

Can someone please give me some advice on how to diagnose the issue and then hopefully fix it?

I have attached some photos below of the unit. I am more than happy to take some more, if it will help.

dpalomaki 09-19-2020 06:00 AM

When a tape is inserted does it start to load and then quit, or do nothing at all?

I am not familiar with the mechanism in the combo set and cannot speak to its quality. Repair parts will likely be hard to find. It appears to date from around 20 years ago, and there is a humorous review of sorts on facebook

It maybe that the "phasing" or timing of the internal gears/mechanism is off (e.g., a gear has slipped a cog), or an internal sensor is disconnected or obstructed by some debris, or out of alignment and the VCR's self-protection routines prevent operation. I cannot tell from the photos.

Obtaining a service manual that covers the mechanism used should give you the needed information to verify/set the timing. However, it will requires technician skills and appropriate tools.. Also, this class of combo set was likely sold as a "throwaway" in that the cost for "bench time" to repair at standard shop rates likely exceeded the cost when new.

In any case it is not among the recommended VCRs for video transfer/conversion and not likely worth the effort to repair even as a DIY project.

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