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Dukesilver 09-19-2020 09:01 PM

LG FC930W VCR ejecting tape?
When I insert a VHS into the VCR, it begins to play (blue screen stays on, no images from tape). After a few seconds the VCR ejects the tape.

The tape seems to run through the mechanism okay. It doesn't get caught and it ejects without any problem.

Can anyone help me to diagnose and fix the issue?

I'm happy to attach some images if it will help.

I have tried multiple tapes.

dpalomaki 09-20-2020 08:29 AM

Does this happen with all tapes or only some?
Has the machine worked OK recently?

There are a number of reasons a tape is spit out after a few seconds. They mostly result from the VCR's controller detecting an unexpected condition, such as not fully loading, loose tape, incorrect sensor response, misaligned switch, some debris in side the machine, etc. Some units will show an error code on the display

FWIW: Finding the service manual might help diagnose and repair the unit.
It can be found/bought bought on line, but finding parts can be problematic at best, and whether or notit is worth repairing is a separate question.

Dukesilver 09-20-2020 10:13 AM

Hi, thanks for the response.

I have tried multiple tapes. It was working fine prior to this happening. However, it now seems to be doing it intermittently. I got it working again and captured a tape (approx. 2 hours) and it is now doing it after I ejected that tape and inserted another one

dpalomaki 09-20-2020 03:32 PM

If it is an intermittent problem that is becoming more frequent it may be that the machine needs service. It could be issues such as slipping belts, worn rubber parts, and/or dried lub.

No way to readily spot that from typical photos. Well shot HD video of the mechanism at work might give a clue to someone familiar with the mechanism used in that model.

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