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promoter_2000 09-23-2020 03:03 AM

Hello everyone. After having fully recovered the mechanics of my vtr I was finally able to play a cassette and I found the last problem to be solved: the audio output is perfect but on the video I see only white snow (as if I were watching a analogue channel with transmitter off). I have verified that the problem occurs only in play; in rec the tape produced by this vtr is perfect and read without problems by other machines (while on itself it obviously always and only snow). No problem even in the passband: any signal through the vtr reaches the outputs perfect. Heads, main board and power supply are fully functional (I have tested them individually on other machines without problems). Excluding these parts, could the defect lie inside the yc pack located on the back of the chassis, plugged onto the main board with three comb connectors? Could it be the usual smd capacitors that caused so much damage on Panasonic s-vhs?

hodgey 09-23-2020 11:50 AM

That's certainly a posibility, the NV-HS950 shares a fair bit of the digital decoding circuitry with the NTSC AG 1980P which is known to have frequency SMD capacitor issues. If REC is fine that should limit the number of areas the problem could be, as there is a fair bit that is shared between playback and recording.

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