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four 10-14-2020 08:53 AM

Leitch DPS-235 manual?
Hi All,

Hoping to find a copy of the operation or other manuals for the DPS-235. Please let me know if you can help.


lordsmurf 10-14-2020 03:23 PM

I know TGrant has a manual:
I'm not sure if he'll try to sell you the manual. Contact him.
We've always been firm believers here that manual should be free. Hardware costs money, user/service info should not. may have one, ask. It's not online, but they also provide many manuals free, and have/had this TBC.

This all said, it's a lousy TBC. Standard broadcast rackmount junk that chokes on consumer sources (VHS, etc), need advanced servicing/tweaking to work at all, heat/temp issues, etc. It's broadcaster gear, intended for a facility staffed by broadcast engineers.


NJRoadfan may have the manual as well. Contact him.

If/when you do find it, please attach it in a post here. ;)

four 10-14-2020 04:24 PM

Thanks lordsmurf!

I'm familiar with its reputation, but it does the needful for now. :)

I also have a X75-DPS-575 and a Datavideo SE-800. He he.

Tom Grant said "I'm sorry but we don't sell manuals separately." So, we can assume he's not going to give it away either. I'm happy to pay for printing or copying as needed, but I am also a big fan of sharing knowledge.

I did send a note to as well. Fingers crossed.

And, I'll bug NJRoadfan - good tip.

I'll post back if I find it!

Thanks again

NJRoadfan 10-14-2020 05:11 PM

The original thread has the manual for the ES-2200 expansion chassis these are based on.

Figure 4-3 page 36 shows what port is which (each "card" in the machine is a Personal TBC IV+). Chapter 2 goes over the front panel controls for TBCs.

page 16 details what the front panel buttons do.

four 10-14-2020 05:19 PM

I did see that and have read it, thanks.

it's definitely helpful, but when Tom Grant says his used units include "a reprint of the very comprehensive DPS-235 instruction manual." It kind of makes me feel like I'm missing out on something :)

Thanks again. I appreciate your response

lordsmurf 10-14-2020 05:26 PM

Based on an old (2017?) post online, Ed at has it. :)

"have 290 and 235 in pdf form."
"I try to gathe manuals up when they are avail."


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four 10-14-2020 08:26 PM

You can really lose yourself at

I shot him an email

Thanks lordsmurf!

NJRoadfan 10-14-2020 10:14 PM

What exactly are you looking for? The TBC only has proc-amp adjustments, nothing fancy. I also have the Personal TBC IV manual somewhere (the card thats in these units) and it really only covers the serial control protocol and lists the pinouts of the 9-pin DIN port.

four 10-15-2020 06:47 AM

Really just for completeness, so there's no rush or immediate need.

I have not been able to find the Personal TBC IV manual either, so that would be nice to make available here.

Really appreciate it

NJRoadfan 10-15-2020 10:22 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is the DPS Personal TBC-IV manual.

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