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02-22-2021, 05:13 PM
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Hello everyone,

I have a 27" Sansui TV that I bought from Sears brand new back in 2008. It has served me well and I only had to take it to repair once in 2010. It was working fine then one night we had an earthquake and when I got home to check on it the image was bad. It was all foggy. I always thought the vibration broke it that time. Anyways I took it to repair and fast forward 2021 and the TV still works.

No Iīm going to describe what I use this TV for. Mostly games or movies. Sega Genesis , Dreamcast, Original Xbox, some PC games. Most of the use is from the PC that is plugged in via S-Video. I very rarely used the TV to actually watch TV. It could be once a week or a month. I preferred watching from the PC every single day. Now hereīs the problem. Since some months I noticed that there are some white lines that appear on top of the image. But they donīt appear all the time. They only appear if the image is coming from specifically RCA, Component or regular TV antenna channels. They donīt appear from the S-Video signal coming from the computer. The question is this. Is the TV going to die soon? Or is the problem from the tuner or the connectors ? The weird thing is that it doesnīt happen with the computer. But yesterday I connected a Wii via Component(Blue,Green Red cables) and there were the white lines. What do you guys think ?
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white lines

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