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03-02-2021, 12:47 PM
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"This is what I found for a possible similar Sony SLHF-900 Betamax problem. I hadn't used my SLHF-900 for a quite while and this weekend it would not play and would time out back to stop in about 3 seconds. The capstan which is direct drive from its motor shaft was not turning. (no belts in this model other than the cassette loading belt) I could fast forward/rewind the tape ok from stop. I could hit play and quickly hit pause and it would stay in pause and I could then use the jog wheel to step the tape forward or backward which stepped the capstan as normal. The problem was the 4.9Vdc reference for the capstan board from the SS-53 Servo board (large bd on bottom of tape side) was shorted to ground by a shorted C548 (100uf 6.3v) on the Servo board. Measure at IC505 pin 14 or connector cn508 pin 1 on Servo bd near middle of hinged edge. I was glad I didn't need to pull out the capstan motor assembly/board."

The above was copied from another thread from about a year ago.

I have the same problem with the same model, However C548 is not the failure cause. I can still measure the short with C548 out of circuit and it checks ok . What other components might cause this short?

Pin 14 on IC 505 shows ground in circuit but when isolating pin 14 is is not shorted to anything through the chip. I do not have a schematic of the board. Also pin 14 has the 4.9v reference on the isolated pin.


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