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06-18-2022, 11:56 PM
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I have bought this vcr simply to run mouldy tapes through and clean. When I insert a tape it will automatically eject itself without extending the tape to the head.

I opened it up and poked around and wonder if the issue is something to do with the centre clutch unit not engaging the cog of the take up reel when the capstan unit is rotated anticlockwise (when viewed from underside)? When I rotate anticlockwise the clutch unit moves the assembly to the left (viewed from the top) and the supply side feed cog will rotate, with the extent of engagement shown in the photos with green circles (both top and bottom of chassis shown). When rotating capstan clockwise the clutch unit stops because of the plastic arm hitting the longer plastic piece, as shown in photos circled red. To engage the take up reel I have to push down the plastic lever circled in blue, then push it to the right. I cannot see how this is achieved mechanically without my intervention, and if that is related to the tape automatically ejecting.

Some guidance would be great. Iím not an electronic guru, but Iím comfortable pulling things apart if I have to. No broken or missing parts from what I can see. I can record a video if that would more clearly explain.

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