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WestroCezarf 09-05-2013 02:16 PM

JVC HR-D470UM help - slow speed video, lines in video
I need help with a VCR JVC HR-D470UM That has the following problems- It looks like the tape is going at a slow speed. The sound sounds like a cassette at a low speed. The video shows only lines but not the movie. Other than that it works OK. I opened it and cleaned it hoping that it is a problem with it being dirty but from what I saw the video is direct drive and it only has a belt for load and eject cassette. This video is a side loading cassette and it very interesting and I want to fix it. Any help will be appreciated. If anyone has any kind of schematics or documentation for this video please help me. Thank You Very Much for your help.

NJRoadfan 09-05-2013 02:57 PM


Neat unit, but its doubtful you will be able to find parts for it. Clean the audio-control head (located just where the tape leaves the drum wrap). Slow playback is a sign the machine isn't properly reading the control track. Check the condition of capacitors as this unit is likely 25 years old and bound to have a few bad ones by now. See the video karma thread above about other common problems.

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