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01-07-2014, 03:48 PM
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I have the best high end 0 region dvd recorder .The Lite-on LVW- 5115 PN.It was working excellent .I got In 2008 at worlds imports. I saved the original receipt.They had guaranteed that if the pal to n.t.s.c built in converter broke down they fix it for free a lifetime.But tha was not the problem. Recently my recorder started to have problems ,1 of my n.t.c.s. prerecord 3 of my 0 region pre records and t3 of my pal disc would not load in and a message of invalid disc came in on the screen.My blank + r.w. discs from verboten would load in and record .Some other prerecords acted normal the troubled pre record acted normal on my computer burner player and my Phillips play back and my blu- ray - DVD player ,My 10 blank r.w. + disc by memorex would not load in and flashed invalid disc.I sent a message to world import last week asking them if they can repair it for a reasonable fee .They have not responded yet.By the time i had sent the second message yesterday, those troubled pre record got back to normal on my Lite -on.But now my verboten has got the invalid message and cant recode any more .Now it just a play back.I need a place i can have it shipped for repairs .That has a phone number to talk to repair man.They don't make region free recorders with built in converters any more .they only have separate types these days you have to get a converter .that would be ,for some company over 300 dollars.Imports gave me a message that they would get back to me .they have not yet i have been watching you tube and the only other solution would be to buy a lite on DVD burner take it out and replace it on the mother board of the l.v.w.I don't know if that will work.I need a place to have this good machine repaired.It's only a play bake:depressed at this moment
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01-07-2014, 08:59 PM
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Wall of text. Paragraphs, please!

DVD drives have finite lifespans, and generally only last for 2,000 hours of use. Some last longer, some last far shorter. The brand/model of drive can make a huge difference here. LiteOn units, of course, that LiteOn drives, which are very average drives for lifespans.

Generally, -/+RW discs cannot be read first, being rather poor at reflectivity.
Then -/+R write-once discs go next, especially the discs with poorer reflectivity (non-AZO).
Finally, even ROM discs cannot be used.

Basically, the drive is dead. You need to find a "new" (used) LiteOn DVD burner drive that can be swapped out. Perhaps even find another LiteOn recorder -- probably any model -- and steal the drive. (Or, put the old recorder in the closet, and use the new one.)

You can make discs region free -- just rip and copy the disc. Part of that process is region restriction removal. There's not been a true need for region-free players for years now. See UK DVDs - Regions and PAL / How to Make a DVD Region-Free

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